Patreon is in fire and we shouldnt put them out

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I have heard there are better alternatives than patreon and if you can find them then I recommend abandoning this sinking ship! When you get banned for a NSFW drawing of an obviously mature Hex Maniac with big tits and you lose all that money because she “looks young”...Ya gotta leave! Now they want you all back? This is get woke go broke and they are suffering for it and I’m not losing sleep over their own failure. If you have a patreon and you haven’t had any trouble then keep at it but always have a backup since Patreon is getting ban happy, this goes out to all the NSFW artists out there to find better alternatives! This is what happens when you try to do business with the woke crowd, the creators who are actually profitable leave while your site is full of communists. Keep that iron wall up and strong, Patreon! I’ll sleep soundly with the sounds of your crumbling business and cries of “why!?”...maybe I’ll touch myself...I will touch myself XD

Edit: Patreon begging people to come back by claiming they’re “cutting the bullshit”… when they’re just making more bullshit! You can’t say “Creativity over everything” but add in the fine print “Except if your political views are different than ours and if so then fuck you, you fucking nazi!” Eat shit, Patreon!
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I did not watch the video, but read through the comments, so the whole deal is Patreon got rid of some creators and apparently recently made a video, trying to appeal to the crowd they had sleighted?
Am not part of those affected, but I think it would be a shame if patreon went away, it have so far been a reliable way to support creators one like (As said, haven't heard about this debacle until now and thought all were peachy.)
Is it not a bit of an extreme reaction with all the outrage?

Perhaps switching to subscribestar would be an option? It seems there are two different platforms. One for adult and one for everything else I guess, link below:
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Watch the video because it tells how Patreon is looking through all your social media and will ban you if you say something they don’t agree with on another site. Hell it seems they’re looking to ban people who don’t agree with them politically or NSFW art that offends puritans(SJWs).

Patreon dug it’s own grave when it wanted to police people who use their site, if the person using your site isn’t doing anything illegal or against TOS then what’s the issue? For fucks sake, Onision has been saying and doing horrible shit for years, Patreon banned him off the site when doxxed someone I think last year. I also heard that some comic book creators who demonize anyone conservative and white by calling them nazis or worse and still have a patreon! Patreon got woke and now it’s going broke so good riddance. If they just kept being neutral and let people make their money in peace then none of this would’ve happened but noooo~they had to fuck over peoole’s livelihood! Fuck, Patreon!

I have heard of subscribe star and I heard good things.
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Well that adds a whole extra layer of wtf and I change my stance if this is true.
I will still use patreon to support the few people I have on there, will of course change if said creators put up a reputable alternative.
Reminds me of the stories of people getting fired or written up for things done off the clock in private for "Making the company look bad" Like wtf!? The person was not wearing anything that connected them to their company while getting shitfaced at a party after they clocked out. "If they were wearing something like nametag or company uniform, that is a different story."

If I ever get into creating artwork and look for somewhere to 'set up shop' so to speak, I think I will do so on subscribestar.

Subscribestar, while I only support a single person right now, seem straight forward, all the good things from patreon, without being patreon.
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It is and sadly Patreon had to fuck themselves, they were a good service but just like so many other things...they had to be “activists” instead of staying neutral and now they’re paying for it.
Like I said, if it works for people then that’s fine but it’s always good to have a back up. It really sucks how these sites are policing people in a vain attempt to get ass pats from people who are awful themseleves but are protected because they agree politically or scared of “offending people”.

Good call!

And hopefully they stay neutral