All rise then point and laugh at CHAZ

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I'm mad that it had to take ANTIFA going to the mayor's house to finally put an end to CHAZ/CHOP; not local businesses suing her ass, not crimes skyrocketing, not black people dying and getting murdered, BUT THIS!

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Yep, it’s only “summer of love” when it’s not your shit getting destroyed. Now these shits are going to NY and of course it cucks to these animals! Deblasio isn’t gonna be so woke knock on his door XD cause what these left wing rich assholes keep Trying to act like they’re “with you” but SJWs hate the rich so it’s not gonna help hell I wouldn’t be surprised if Deblasio holds his black wife in front of him like a shield while these “peaceful” protesters are burning his mansion to the ground. Hopefully this kicks these far leftist cucks out of power because it seems that when the democrat is in power...their cities fall apart. I personally hope Trump does get the military to mow these rioters down, fuck these people who put agenda over innocent lives.