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The Suburbs blocks BLM and ANTIFA! Win!

The Suburbs blocks BLM and ANTIFA! Win!

You gotta love it! These people use BLM/ANTIFA’s tactics against them and it’s beautiful! BLM and ANTIFA are on thin fucking glass because like Salty Cracker said, these “progressive“ politicians can go on and on about being ”for the cause” and “on your side” but the minute you come down to their neighborhoods and try to burn it down...don’t be surprised when they turn their backs on ya( it happened in CHAZ/CHOP when you assholes went to the mayor’s front door despite her saying “it wasn’t a riot, it’s summer of love!”)because they are letting you burn these cities down and they expect you to stay on your side but you BLM/ANTIFA fucks keep pushing and pushing and pushing until people start to push back. Now you can say “Well, we’ll vote them out and get true progressives into power!” You obviously don’t know the definition of insanity, huh?

SJWs going after Gina Carano

SJWs going after Gina Carano

These people really want everyone to be on their knees and do what they say...and yet SJWs call other people fascists? Think I’m wrong? Go look up how “progressive“ these people are when Terry Crews spoke out against BLM? Or How they acted when John Boyega trolled Reylos and disney/Star Wars? Yes, we‘re the fascists~not SJWs who demand that people shut up and do what they say without question. “Stop spreading pro-cop propaganda and listen to my anti-cop propaganda! Kill all cops! I’m the sane one here!” Yes, please tell me how CHAZ/CHOP went without cops? Was it the utopia you wanted? More gun violence, rapes, theft, etc! Yeah, these people are on the right side of history by demanding that the police be defunded and run them out of cities. Smart! Keep up that projection, SJWS! Hopefully you all faze through the ground and right into the core. Ahhh~the only screams I can sleep soundly to besides my own~

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Requests(NOT MINE)

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Thanks for the faves!

Thanks for the fav! Very much appreciated!

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