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Dueling Dragons

By shawnr22
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Done in Poser 6 and Photoshop CS.
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© 2006 - 2020 shawnr22
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incredibly COOL Dragon Art. I love backdrop, it fits perfectly. The dragons are AWSOME!!
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Thank you. I can't take full credit though. They were 3d models from some old software I had. And then threw the image into photoshop for some lighting and effects. But thanks :)
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Oooooo dragon battle!
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It's so cool.........
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dude that is sweet as hell
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HOLY CRUD! this good! ur way better than me cuz my dragons truthfull always turn in2 a pile of shit. but this is fabulous! Really!
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Thanks for the comment!
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Its realy a wonderfull work
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The blue one is so going to win.
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you have a lot more pasiance than me.
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very good motion:) well done for the lightening on their skin:)
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Wow don't don't like computer animation really but the dragons are so amazing! :boogie:
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this freakin awsome man rock on XD!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thats a really awesome picture its very good!!!
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this piece is frickin' sweet! Why is it not a print?
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wow i love this piece. dragons are awsome and anyone who takes the time to dra them right deserves some respect. supurb piece :D
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