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Heads up b-broh !

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Deskjet F4100 series
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Reminds me of Superjail and other similar works. Cool art style.
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Thanks ! I’ve gotten a lot of influence by this guy as well as this guy
TheEyelessProphet's avatar
Kinda reminds me of the old DooM cover 'o'
ShawnPrairie's avatar
I can definitely see that. Just need rick in some green armor shooting a pile of demons.
JustBrowsingBy's avatar
Woah, this level of weird feels right at home with some of the stuff I've seen in episodes.  It has some aspects that remind me of Superjail!  Good job on this, and congrats on getting into the semi-finals.
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Thank you so much! I really dig super jail too. I’m still stunned I made it in. There were a ton of great entries that were really deserving of the spot. 
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i love the coloring!
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Thanks a bunch ! It took forever to get it just right.
Ghotire's avatar
Great piece! Crazy universe!
ShawnPrairie's avatar
Thanks a bunch! I really like your piece too. your use of foreshortening and perspective is really seamless. Best of luck in the contest !
Bunderful's avatar
Oh wow. What a unique design. I really like this universe you made
ShawnPrairie's avatar
Thanks ! I’ve been seeing you post a ton of yours rapid fire. It’s nuts how quick you put out quality stuff.  Good luck !
Bunderful's avatar
Thank you :) Ive kinda slowed down  heh
Space-khD's avatar
Nice, liking the heads.
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