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There's been a lot of intelligent and mature discussion about who should become America's next president lately, but frankly many of us miss the mark. I decided it is high time for a simple guide for voters in America this year.

Here's the short version...
Obama- Raise taxes, steal from the rich, give to the rest of the world.
McCain- Lower taxes, strengthen nation defense, and not lie to us.
Given both men are liars to some extent, at least McCain is being honest NOW.

Here is the longer, more complex version...
-Wants an end to racism; the racism that he instigated himself by letting his party wave the race flag during his campaign, I might add.
-Wants big government... what more do I have to say?
-Wants to increase taxes and give most of the money to other nations to "build better communities". They can help their own damn selves out of the ruts they got themselves into. America will offer them financial advice, maybe, but we shouldn't be paying their bills or they'll learn NOTHING. Read my lips... N-O-T-H-I-N-G...
-Obama wants to tax the rich, thus squeezing the poor even more and ruining our economy. The well to do worked their way up to that point, and taking away what they worked so hard to achieve is just evil. Tax the rich; bleed the poor. Those are Obama's goals.
-There is one thing that Obama hits dead on though, and that is we need to concentrate on different war fronts than Iraq now. The Iraqi people have had enough time to get back on their feet. We need to keep only enough troops there to keep it safe but otherwise chase Al Quaeda further back by advancing on Afghanistan.
-Although he may be sort of strong on National security over seas, he is weak on National security at home. The strengthening of US borders is vital. Even Canada is a good place for homeland terrorists to go through, and they have. He has made no promises to keep illegals out. What makes him weakest as far as National Security goes, is that he wants to sit and talk... He'd sit and talk even if he KNEW the person attacked us!

-As he said in his own words, "I want every one to be rich and I want lower taxes."
Who doesn't want to be rich? Who doesn't at least want to live comfortably?
-He is pro life, which I sort of disagree with. I believe God has a plan for everyone and who we decide shouldn't live is who God decides shouldn't live. If a woman is raped, they shouldn't have to bear the burden of a child they did not consent to. End of matter.
-He has repented for his actions in the past and regrets ever trying to pass that immigration bill. I feel that he will genuinely be for tougher borders.
-Like Obama, McCain is also for advancing in Afghanistan. Terrorists are there too. He has even thrown around a withdrawal plan for Iraq. His bottom line is saving us tax dollars and strong national security. And he should know what strong National Security is. He's been in the service. Obama has been in... uhhh... Well he did drugs in college and hung out with terrorists like Ayers... That guy who sent bombs to various people in the government.

The choice is yours. There are some of the facts. I know everyone who reads this will make the right choice.
Remember the words of the last great democratic president (and there probably won't be another), JFK "Think not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."
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hm....election? what election, i haven't heard of any election......o_O