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First of all, if anyone who reads this hears a friend or acquaintance talking positively about Obama or any of the liberal Democrats out there, please link them to this page.

It occurred to me not too long ago that everything going on in politics is a bit fishy.
I'll explain.

It's no coincidence that a ton of bad stuff has happened during the Bush administration. It's almost insulting that the people pulling the strings thought they could pull a fast one on all of us. Obviously they don't know Shawn Leroy Johnson.

Ok, let us get right into it.

1) Georgy Porgy isn't a Republican at all. No, not in the least. He lied about his party affiliation. That's correct. We had TWO liberal Democrats running for election in 2000 and 2004. Sound like a fair game to everyone? Of course not. Although I knew Mr Bush was a traitor to his own party and an obvious ruse, I had no choice but to vote for him because Al Gore would have spent the tax payers' money to chase his imaginary Man-made Global Warming ambitions (and you know I am right, because he's proven that was his intention), and John Kerry would have made America the "Nation of Pansies who can't make up their minds." It should be obvious that they were merely pawns; distractions, even.

Here is why... The liberals thought they would put a fake Conservative in office who calls himself "Republican" and have him make a bunch of mistakes. Then they simply have to play the "We had a Republican in office for the last 8 years and it's time for a Democrat" card. This strategy would be BRILLIANT if it wasn't so inherently retarded to begin with.

Ok, what do the Liberals all want? Power. Money, obviously. They want Socialism and then Communism. You see, that's the ugly picture behind the crimson screen. Communists have had our country in their grip since the Clinton years, but now they are making their big move, and that big move has only one name.
Obama. Mr Obama, the great orator (much like Hitler, actually).

Let me summarize this for everyone who is still paying attention at this point.
1) Liberals want Communism
2) They plan to get that by putting a fake Republican in office and using weak pawns like Gore and Kerry to perpetuate that fake man's rule.
3) They play the "We need a Democrat" card.
4) They find a Democrat who believes in the same liberal ideals, who is of a different ethnicity than the past presidents, and who has an ivy league education and millions of supporters world wide.
BLAMMO! They have 3 HUGE elements working with them. Liberalism, Guilt, and Credibility.
Do you get the picture? This whole thing is much deeper than what we are discussing now, my friends. It goes WAAAAAY back to the cold war even. But we only need to scratch the surface to get the general idea of how dangerous this situation is...

Let me summarize everything with these final words on the matter. I hope this persuades everyone to see Obama for the person he really is...

This race is not about anyone's ethnicity, party affiliation, or even their experience and you shouldn't let it become that. It is about the character and the policies the candidate stands for, it is about their ability to lead. It is not about what other countries think. It is up to our nation to decide. Damn the rest.

Also see this past journal.

I hope everyone has a pleasant day. :)
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Interesting theory Shawn... Still, I'm not sure if Bush was a Democrat in disguise. Until it can be proven we'll never know. However, what separates him from the liberals is that he goes against the popular pick, and sticks with his own belief. That's what made him a leader in my eyes. If he truly was a traitor to his own party, oh well, nothing we can do about it now. The man is out of office in 3 months anyways.

However, I am more than likely sure this whole concept was conspired by the democrats in order to create a race war. This will become the second Civil War in America due to this presidential race being between a mulatto and the oldest man to possibly ascend to presidency. If Obama doesn't win, we're all racists... If Obama wins, it's a backslash against the elderly. Democrats HAVE set us up the bomb. No questions about it. Plus, they've lost any sanity they've had in their souls. If they have any anyways.