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By ShawnCoss   |   Watch
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Published: September 1, 2009
© 2009 - 2019 ShawnCoss
Another brick in the wall of my Halos and Tragedies work.

This is heavily inspired by Derek Hess as this is also being used as Drop To Zero's cd release flyer. And that man was phenomenal at making flyers.

The story behind this has a lot to do with my disgust with our closest city, Cleveland Ohio. I'm completely repulsed by that city and the behavior of those that inhabit it. So much that I wish floods of blood would come and cleanse the streets of all the negativity, violence, and poor excuses of flesh that reside there. Noted, that it is a generalization but it seems that every person I have come across has either tried to rob me, deceive me, or find some way to benefit from me. A city full of leeches that demands more blood and more sacrifice. I think a tidal wave of HgB would do the trick don't you?

Kind of brings to mind the song "Aenima" in a way.
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TheCorruptedOne50Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"Learn to swim"
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CreativeTeamNameHobbyist Artist
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Moreno-A88Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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ZephyrKleftStudent Traditional Artist
i drew something based on this for a poetry assignment, it like perfectly embodies what i was trying to say. so.. thanks for making this so i could sorta copy it :D
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dejan-delicProfessional Digital Artist
Wicked... :nod: :thumbsup: :D
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NullBossHobbyist Digital Artist
Aaah Derek Hess, an artist I love, you've done well with this! Beautiful work.
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SantosValoProfessional General Artist
Nice combination
iSuperJew's avatar
Shawn, im a big fan of cyanide & happiness and now that for the first time i see your art, such as this piece, i feel so inspired..
but thats not what i want to ask..
im planning to do 3 tattoos in the future, and this piece, with outlines of the huge black spots could be a perfect drawing that i want on my back - which leads me to the question;
in the future may i use this piece (maybe add devil's horns and have also the halo) as a drawing for a tattoo?
ShawnCoss's avatar
ShawnCossProfessional General Artist
sure! just throw some cred back to me if it still resembles my work =D
iSuperJew's avatar
oh it will resemble dont worry, when is happens (sadly a few years) ill post it here and send a link to you :D
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saintanger37Student Traditional Artist
"moms gonna fix it all soon. moms gonna put it back the way it ought to be"

gotta love Tool.
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burntbride's avatar
When I saw this I thought Derek Hess.
Its lovely! You did a great job here!
ShawnCoss's avatar
ShawnCossProfessional General Artist
Thank you. I am a big fan of his to a fault I think.
burntbride's avatar
Can't say I blame you.
He is awesome.
Kaos-Nest's avatar
Kaos-NestProfessional General Artist
woah! so good
meowzer13's avatar
meowzer13Student Traditional Artist
Amazing piece! Is Cleveland really this bad?
ShawnCoss's avatar
ShawnCossProfessional General Artist
Maybe not for some but I am not much of a city person, and the attitudes and personality of that city rub me the wrong way. So much inconsiderations amongst fellow human beings disgusts me. =) Thank you for enjoying the piece tho
meowzer13's avatar
meowzer13Student Traditional Artist
I can totally understand-- I mean I love cities, but humans...different story (lol). I live in a medium sized town and I see it too. I see it everywhere in my high school. People can be such jerks no matter where you are (sadly).
And, lol, no probs! The piece is great, really really powerful! And it's an idea easily understood and felt :D
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KapalskyProfessional Traditional Artist
It's nice to see how such a beautiful picture was created from natural repulsion, and not a simple hatred. Great work, it is really inspiring.
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MystoDrawsProfessional Filmographer
Great concept! And I agree, there's definitely a connection to Tool's song "Aenima." Nice job! :)
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