Demonic Fetonic
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While at work last night my coworker/friend asked me if I would sketch him out something quick so he could own a piece of my original work.

I started with a basic head shape and then out of no where my inspiration snorted a line of cocaine and off I went. This little cutey is what became of it all.

Micron pens and some ps trickery
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Genial tu arte bro, increible
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Punchy07|Student Digital Artist
A baby!
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DMisNigh|Professional General Artist
Baaad  Assssss.....dope!
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HisImmortal1922|Hobbyist General Artist
please make this a shirt for your amn clothing line! like put it low where the fetus actually would be, cuz i'm 3 months pregnant and i think it would be a badass shirt to wear when my belly starts getting big. hell i'd wear it after too but it'd be sick now haha there's just not enough cool preggo shirts out there :P 
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Attyyay's avatar
hate to say it, but this is cute! :)
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darkEnvy2012|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
REminds me of the dead space babys lol
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thesombrerolamp's avatar
It is an abomination demon mew.
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XxParanoidAndroidxX's avatar
XxParanoidAndroidxX|Hobbyist General Artist
Really quick?? This looks like it took some time... The background really makes it pop! What did you use?
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telisp's avatar
I'd like to see what your inspiration would draw on acid
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PDubbz| Traditional Artist
I love your style homie!That must be some good coke :) Before I had kids my inspiration preferred that Mary Jane ;)
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00zmb00|Student Traditional Artist
I like your style
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Manomatul|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
God damn, that's a beautiful piece of artwork right there. =) oxoxo
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yellowsmoke321|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
pretty demon
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the201X's avatar
What the... OUTSTANDING PIECE!! :)
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Galaxy-Milk's avatar
Galaxy-Milk|Student Traditional Artist
Aw. Cute demonic foetus is cute.
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Synosurai|Hobbyist General Artist
That's cool as hell.
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Berserk-Cyborg-Panda's avatar
The lining looks very smooth in this one, and I love the movement in it's toes and wrinkles in the body
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IMBA-RampenFerkel's avatar
well... your inspiration should snort more of that shit. xD
This picture really looks cool, i really like that sketch and the way you used the textures.
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b13visuals|Professional Digital Artist
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Jorgejd4|Student General Artist
That's freaking awesone
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Blackwoodforest|Hobbyist Digital Artist
cool one
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billyogoat|Student Artist
oh my god i had a good little laugh at this. you deserve this this fav!
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bigchucker|Student Digital Artist
Awesome job dude!
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