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Iraq Board Game

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A board game example featuring medieval Iraq. This is inspired by an old Games Workshop product called Warrior Knights. Brief discussion, blow-ups and four-page PDF printout available here.
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Does anyone here remember the old " Warrior Knights" game?

A friend of mine bought the game over e-bay a while ago. We were playing the game when the second Iraq war started. I thought it'd be interesting to have a medieval Iraqi version of the game instead of the medieval European version.

My sister helped with the Arabic (she's a mid-eastern studies student at Indiana University). There may be some mistakes with it but all of the place names should all be correct.

In the game, Warrior Knights:
* Each baron has four knights to command (since this is a middle-eastern version, maybe "baron" should be replaced with an Arabic equivalent).
* After two income/conflict rounds a council is held. At council, the barons vote on various issues.
* In council, each baron is given a number of votes depending on his land, money, and troops. The votes are used to quantify the political weight your baron is able to throw around.
* The yellow circle in each city represents the amount of revenue each city provides per income phase. So some cities are worth more than others.
* Mountains are impassible.
* Knights and their armies can move 1 space over land.
* Knights and their armies can move up to 3 spaces along a road.

The troop movement rules greatly affected the placement of cities and the existence of roads. Playing the game will feel different in the north of the board vs. the south. The south, with Baghdad, Babylon, Qurna and Basra, will definitely be hot spots with lots of cities trading hands. And in the north, Mosul is likely to be highly prized because of the abundance of adjacent cities.