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This was a piece done for Summer solstice, one of the 24 Solar Terms in Chinese calendar, for a magazine.
Summer solstice wiki:…

The 2 girls I picked to draw were Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao. They were having a afternoon break in the day of Summer solstice.
The meal they had were the cold noodles, a typical food chinese have for Summer solstice.

Hope this piece will cool some of you down for your summer...:heart:
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:D Before I could see the description, I was wondering if they were supposed to be the beautiful sisters. :heart: Very beautiful work!
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Or possibly warm us up. Two beautiful women, beautifully done
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they look great
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Very lovely ^_^
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My pleasure ^_^
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嘔吐的對象...??? ^^;

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Beautiful work! :w00t:
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thank you for your support!
ChilledAlmondJelly's avatar on earth do you paint something like that? it must have taken you forever!
you, girl, HAVE GOT SKILL.
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beautiful :) wonderful job
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is it alright if I may use this as a reference for something I'm trying to draw? please? :hug:
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Beautiful painting- I feel cooler already! :heart: Arizona gets very, very hot- too hot, unless a thunderstorm comes along to break the heat. Mine's the land of glaring sun and torpid snakes who refuse to budge from the spot that is not too hot and not too cold. I adapt by becoming semi-nocturnal. :)
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Arizona? wow! must be extremely hot and dry... thanks for stopping by my page!
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