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Aquarius Calendar

Continue to complete the Astrology Collection...(finally, right?)
Behold, the Aquarius.
Computer Graphics

Zeus has a very beautiful daughter, Hebe. She is in charge of pouring wine during banquet on the
Mount Olympus .
The goddess in the pool is pouring wine from the vase in the deepest part of the temple.
The calmness that Aquarius has always been.

Main color: Grey / Blue
Flower: Camellia

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This was a piece from the 12 Astrology/Zodiac/constellation(which is the correct term?) I did last year. So, of course, there are 12 pieces in total.

The 2013 12 Zodiac Calendar is available:
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Aquário signo cientifico, deveria ter uma representação porque, esta preso no aquário?, quem a menção cativa nesse aquário?. Esse peixe vive no aquário, ele esta ali por expoente vontade ou obrigado estar ali?. Porque um ambiente artificial compensa o ambiente natural... Ou sera o aquário o signo da adaptação!?...
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I love this. It's absolutely amazing. Breath taking really. Was just curious to know why Aquarius is the only one without the calendar next to her.
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This is beautiful but where is Aquarius?
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Absolutely beautiful....
tndrhrtd37's avatar
Your welcome...
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I love your artwork so much! They're all so gorgeous and stunning. They remind of a world that is beautiful, alive, and tranquil.
Some people might say your work is pornographic or a disgrace. I say that you value the female human body, and you see it as an art.
I respect your work so much that I will favorite one or maybe more of your artworks! They are so amazing!
Shawlis-Fantasy-Art's avatar
I'm really to happy that you noticed my deep appreciation for the beauty of female body. I'm delighted to have your support, thank you!
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Very beautiful work. She is indeed a lovely looking goddess.
Shawlis-Fantasy-Art's avatar
thank you for your support!
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your welcome
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Beautiful scene ^_^
teturo's avatar
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I'm Aquarius and I love it !!!
Shawlis-Fantasy-Art's avatar
great! I'm glad you like it, thanks for support!
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Gorgeous work!
Venom-V13's avatar
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