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This is an abstract composition made by my new FONT, Techiearabi .. The font is designed for screens, outdoors, titles, and signboards. It reflect the techie feeling. I here show the capabilites of this font in use makeing a full abstract 2 colors based vector art piece..
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i think you just success in using the font as its function and capability^^
i also love the colors and the vector art
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thanks, glad u like it :)
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very beautiful
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This is very creative and I really like it:)
Sorry I haven't been commenting lately...I've been busy and last week I was out of town...
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hey.. thank u friendo.
how r u ? we didn't see u from time
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I'm really good right now, happy healthy and had some good turn of events which makes me really happy lol How are you?
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Finally, some one of my friends is HAPPY! YAY! lol
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Lol, but are you happy? ;)
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There's something about Arabic writing that makes it stunning to look at. I mean, I don't pretend to understand it, but graphically it's a very streamlined, and in a way, very modern-looking system. And in the way you've given it such a contemporary look, you've only highlighted my point!
Nice piece, this. :+fav:

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oh thank u, i got what u mean .. thank u for the fav
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wonderful in it's simplicity..:)
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thank u very much ^^
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Quite a common style but made by a professional. I dont know why, it does not look technical to me, rather, it looks cute. May be because of small round curves.

I think its either you made a font after such a long time or you have not been uploading them for a while. I remember that I was searching for Arabic fonts years ago. I reached your Jahena font submission, the one with blue background. That was what introduced me to dArt. It was 2002. Then I registered an account with shinobi iii and after that I returned with this new account. At that time, I could only dream making arabic fonts. Today... oh well...
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salam salamah bin Akwa. How r u doing.
u made some good stuff in ur site, and thank u for the nice talk about my works. yes i have left design for sometime and i got back in last of 2004. and as typography is a hard issue so i spent time till i come back.. btw i may take about 1 year in designing a font, Juhaina font is made in gemotrical basis depends on pharohs porportions in 2 years, it take time, any way u can see this font in my scraps! .. because here i was just showing the capabilites of this font to make a new art work
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Thanks dear, I am fine.

Yes, I am the same person. Lolz! how did you remember me?

I visited your scraps and I am still browsing it. I think after the "Layout" and Sakkal, you are the next serious font designer out there. I agree. English font designing is a piece of cake in most cases compared with Arabic/Urdu fontography. Thats the reason why there exist thousands of english fonts. lolz! But this diffculty served an important purpose. It kept the grace and sacredness of Arabic script, intact.

Take care.
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I quite like it. Very elegant, and yes, very techi. I also like that it doesn't look as strange as "courier" font in our alphabet.
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oh thank u very much for ur nice words ^^ & hey ..
ur fonts are beatiful my friend what is up lol
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