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Rock Me

Photo from my trip to Maui, Hawaii with Johnny Porsche

Edit by me, as well as MUAH/Wardrobe

I'm starting the thinking process on doing something with my hair. It's a daunting thought. I haven't cut it in years and it brings butterflies to my tummy just thinking about it.


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I want to live in Hawaii when I get older. I've never been there before.
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So evocative, and perfectly set against the raging of the waterfall.  Superb.
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Girl of Paradise has found it.....taking one breath away....
aFeinNude's avatar close. Next time hop over to Kauai...
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Kauai No Ka Oi ;)
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Lovely pose and expression :)

Very cool location too

Oh and hmm, i think long hair looks pretty awesome on you, can be tricky thinking about different styles, longish fringe and sides, tapering to shorter at the back? but i dunno lol :aww:

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Thank you. The over ruling was to just keep it. Im fine with that, Im honestly scared to cut it. Haha
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Welcome :)

Hehee well that in itself is a good choice and i can understand that too :aww: i rather miss having long hair myself, but not sure if i could go through growing it all back again :giggle:

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Nooo.. don't cut your hair
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Okay haha. I wont
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Like a hurricane?
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i love this picture
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