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Update: Entries are closed! :) Time to restart our old yearly tradition of making Christmas themed art! Can you believe the last one of these we did was back 2017?? Crikey... This time your challenge is to design a Christmas themed picture using characters of your choosing. It can be a drawing or a photo or a render or even a sculpture made of toenail clippings! Your choice. As examples, it could be a parody of a Christmas movie poster, a picture of Spider-Man webbing up some baddies in the shape of a Christmas tree, the Mass Effect characters all opening up their presents on Christmas morning or a picture of some Christmas cookies you've baked. It's entirely up to you :) THE PRIZE!!! 1000 DA points as the 1st prize. 500 DA points to the first runner up and 200 DA points for third place. One entry person as usual and we need five entries at the least or the comp will be cancelled. Your final entry needs to be submitted by the end of 25 December 2021. You will need to place a
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I have to imagine you guys are just as tired and depressed as I am with Hollywood and society in general running every franchise we love in to the ground so how about we list some good stuff to share with each other to cheer us up :) Please add yours to the list in the comments below so we can all share the love. Movies: - Ghostbusters Afterlife: Such a pleasant surprise, considering it even had mostly kids as the cast. - Shazam: A DC film that was actually really good! - Dredd: The Karl Urban one. So fucking good. - 30 Days of Night: Best vampire movie I've seen in ages. - District 9: Fookin' brilliant. - Green Lantern First Flight and Emerald Knights: Animated movies from back when DC made great animation. - Unleashed: Morgan Freeman and Jet Li. Amazing. TV: - The Boys: Omg that Ant Man scene... - Ash vs Evil Dead: Shit, anything with Bruce Campbell in it is gold. - Doom Patrol: Again, another surprise from DC. Games: - TMNT Shredder's Revenge: 6 player couch co-op coming out
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Can you guys please help me build a team of bad guys from DC and Marvel combined that could take on and actually beat the greatest heroes from each brand? Who would you recruit and why? Your team can be as big or small as you like but keep in mind you'll need one leader or joint-leaders to keep them in line who they would actually all follow too.
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You know what the worst part of this is?? “McMahon will retain his role and responsibilities related to wwe creative.” Sigh... Apparently your girl Sasha has been properly released now too. I wonder if Steph will try and get her back :/

can marvel just stop shitting on Spider-man in the comics... urgh!!

What have they done now?? Do I even want to know? I assume they've killed off Ben entirely now just to piss off the fanbase?

figured you would be interested

Paul Heyman 2K20 (rigged)

man... mania was a bust. I mean Im in love with Beck's new look, but the whole 2 day was overall pretty meh for me

Spanks for the list bruv. Shame the faces aren't rigged at all.

Yeah man, Mania was boring asf. So good seeing Austin have one last match but other than that, we get MORE Roman boring the shit out of us for god knows how much longer. I see people praising him online but I just don't get it. He's still terrible on the mic after all these years and his moveset is worse than Cena's Five Moves of Doom :P

FML.. they just cant leave Ben alone.. now they turned him into a new villain... why cant they just do stories where he and Pete get along.. its not that hard.