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Will be without a PC for about a month so apologies if it takes me a while to reply to messages. Much love to you all :)
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Who would you cast as our live action Omniverse Medusa (Inhumans)

22 votes
Karen Gillan
Deborah Ann Woll
Madelaine Petsch
Serinda Swan
Other (please specify below)
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Should we give our Chris Evans Mass Effect character a beard or not?

31 votes
Yes to the beard
Clean shaven
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"And trust me, this isn’t sour grapes. But the fact that Dwayne is in the main event at WrestleMania next year and I’m not makes me sick!"

I guess punk was making a prophecy, how do you fuck up the Cody story this bad???

Lol. I'm loving watching Drew take the piss out of Punk now that he's out injured once again. Got your predications in for Mania yet?

Rumble thoughts?

I thought the women's Rumble was way better than the men's. Great to see the TNA champ allowed to be in it. Kairi's fall out looked like a botch but not as bad as all the super bad botches by Nia Jax. Sucks your girl Cora is out injured again.

Roman winning was incredibly predictable as always. Glad Punk didn't win the Rumble and Logan Paul still sucks so much ass despite being pretty athletic.

Highlight of the night was R Truth coming out thinking it was the men's match :P

How about you??

Yeah, women's again this year was the standout, legit didnt know who was gonna win. The men's was incredibly predictable, to the point I zoned out.

R-Truth was the MVP of the night, havent laughed so good in a while.

The title matches were as by the books as could be. Crazy to think that there were only 2 other matches besides the 2 rumbles.

I think the Kairi spot was meant to be her hanging on spiderman style, but then it went wrong, so she was probably getting the rumble moment, since neither Kofi or Naomi got a rumble moment this year. Also, obligatory, how hot is Kairi??

I wish they would through some more out of the box people into the rumbles, like this is 2 years now TNA has a rep, but only in the womens. And shocking that they even acknowledged Naomi was the previous champ.

And apparently now with the new Vince shit, brock was pulled, and his spot was given to Bron. So apparently it was gonna be Dom vs Brock at WM, as Dom would have eliminated him.

Yeah, it really seemed like since WWE was sold, they're not as afraid to mention the competition anymore. They even name dropped Jeff Hardy during the Rumble which might have juts been an accident. Lo, had a feeling you'd be drooling over Kairi. I always thought she was cute but now she has that goth emo pirate/race car driver look going on.

I thought it was cool they gave Bronn such a huge push but apparently that was a last minute swap since Brock was supposed to have that spot. Am I the only one entirely sick of seeing and hearing Bayley though??

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also, how does Kairi get hotter everytime I see her?