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smoke break

i'm out for the weekend, but figured i'd drop this before i left.

commission for :iconzabalou: real nice dude, and has got some serious pieces of these two done up by some serious artists like =W4M1 and ~cpwilsoniii.

i've never drawn hellboy before, and it's been a fortnight since i put wolverine down on paper. i think it came out fairly well

hope you all enjoy. except for jeff. he can suck it.
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best duo ;D
they will need a lot of cigar;]
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Looove your wolverine style. It reminds me of Rick Leonardi's Wolvie.
Emerson-Fialho's avatar
Amazing! All the best!
3ird0fHerme2's avatar
yeah u did great on both of them!!
milesdufrasne's avatar
An incredible piece! amazing work!
Jimunu's avatar
The two most badass characters in comics (my opinion.)
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mostlymade's avatar
Heroes with stubby legs UNITE!
Paterack's avatar
Classic Wolvie colors! Lovin it!
justblah's avatar
wolverine looks like a pitt bull! I LOVE it!
on another note..I LOVE IT!
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great work.
I can so see this happening. It's just a perfect little snapshot of the two guys basic attitudes. And your rendition of H.B. and Wolvie are fantastic.
ShaunONeil's avatar
thanks! i'm glad you dig it:)
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You used the line-weights very effectively here. This would be one rad team-up. I love that classic Wolverine costume. I think it suits him best. The colors remind me of beer and cigars.
ShaunONeil's avatar
i refuse to draw him in any other suit.
kenta11's avatar
That's too awesome for words
romidion's avatar
damn. Pretty awesome my friend... keep up the beautiful work!
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RodrigoCamposP's avatar
No prob, I will try something like this XD
bastardscion's avatar
i dig the postures you have them in, that s great body language. and the coloring is sharp as well. very nice.
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