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Vacation Tenzin

By ShaunONeil
We're back, bro. work it.
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catname's avatar
Pfft!!!!!!!! x'D
augforthboy's avatar
shame this never made it to tv
Casey-The-Fruit-Cake's avatar
+100 sexy points for you.
minecrafroger's avatar
LOL. Mr Ange, stop 
DollaWolla's avatar
Oh, he can move it...Yeah! Shake that thang! XD
orchiida-cy's avatar
Shake that @$$, show me what your workin with, Shake that @$$!! twerk in, twerk it!!
UltraNovaDragon's avatar
This comment is pure GOLD korra Excited plz 
shadowstar001's avatar
Those poor children there scared so scared bit on da other hand WORK IT
hellercat's avatar
That ass though
FossilDiggerPegasus's avatar
Aang, you must be so disappointed about your son.
Some-Doodles's avatar
Oh my gosh... This is so perfect *o*
sparrowAg17's avatar
aaaaaw yeah, work it Tenzin! 

:dance: :jumpingjacks: .......:pointlaugh 
malis22's avatar
nope so much nope
PoshPegasus's avatar
Those poor children!Glitch Shephard Creepy stare The Annoying Orange laughing 
Summerwaterfall's avatar
i feel srry for Aang
Firecat14's avatar
That Dad moment doe
Iptallay's avatar
He is hawt thou u.u
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