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Long Live the Red Lotus

By ShaunONeil
i always wanted to do this:)

hope you guys enjoyed this last season!
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Guts-N-Effort's avatar
they should've played "take my breath away" as she dies. 
Ptratux's avatar
that bitch deserves it!
ShaunONeil's avatar
whoa! easy killer
StevenCrowe's avatar
You hope we enjoyed it? Dude how could we not? That season was incredible!
kennysauce's avatar
this scene made me sad cuz i was like she was a bitch but she didnt really deserve to die for it.
eternal10's avatar
I really enjoy looking at this
will-Ruzicka's avatar
For some reason I always thought this drawing in the boards was one Ryu had taken a pass at. It looks awesome! And the way they matched it in the animation is cool.
nlombardo's avatar
Such a memorable shot! Awesome work my friend.
Konjur's avatar
jusdog's avatar
They always make the characters look like your art:] I can always tell your spidey sections:] 
Guts-N-Effort's avatar
you got away with murder
ShaunONeil's avatar
haha! i know!!!
GHENGIZZ's avatar
Is this season of LOK over yet? Just curious.
ShaunONeil's avatar
pretty sure you can still find episodes on nick's website.  or amazon, iTunes, etc. if you're not afraid to spend them dollars
GHENGIZZ's avatar
That's okay. There are plenty of websites where I can watch it for free:)
iLosm's avatar
Yessir. Whole season was great.
GHENGIZZ's avatar
Ah no way! I still haven't seen season 2...I hear it's Legend Of Korra isn't very good though, & I had mixed feelings about the first season, so I've kind of been afraid to watch it.
iLosm's avatar
Season 1 had a few problems here and there, definitely. But it was still fairly solid. That season only had the creators as the writers, though, which explains its "meh"-ness.

Season 2 and onward has the whole TLA writing cast behind it, and it shows.

Season 2 itself, though, was a bit of a bumpy ride. It starts off fairly slow and the ending is... embarrassing, but the middle is really good. I think it's because they didn't know they had to make more seasons, so they rushed the second one out without fully knowing what they were doing.

But season 3... Hoo boy. The first episode is called "a breath of fresh air", and you can really feel it. The entire season feels like TLA, with lots of globe-trotting, a great antagonist(s), and plenty of little nods here and there. It's definitely worth watching.
GHENGIZZ's avatar
Wow. Gosh thanks for that! I'll be sure to catch up on LOK ASAP!
AwsumWare's avatar
Lol that's pretty cool, brings new definition to the phrase "yellow belly". Well in this case it'd "yellow face", but I digress.
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