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Well I got my 360 back from being repaired yesterday and rushed out to pick up Saint's Row 2. I'd enjoyed the first one and after finishing the storyline in GTA4 I was looking for something to entertain me. The intro just managed to hold my attention but after spending 40mins going through the hundreds of options for customizing my character, I was bored. I played another 20 minutes before feeling a little nauseous from the horrific car handling, and decided to go back to work. GTA4 had me hooked at the screen for 8hrs on the day it came out, Saints Row 2 turned me away after around an hour. I'll probably write up more thoughts on it over at my blog [ www.squidtank.com/blog ] but for now, I'm going back to GTA4 to take out those 200 pigeons.
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You first mistake was buying a 360 :p

heh...I'm so out of the games loop these days.

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Haha, leave my 360 alone! I'm taking SR2 back and getting my cash back, which I'll probably put towards a Wii (a bit closer to xmas). Might be just enough to lure you up to Bris ...
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heh....sounds like a good decision. Wish I could just jet up there. I'm hoping to get up there sooner or later anyway.