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Done for a comp on Artxilla
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Adorable battle!
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CHIBIS !!!!!!
OMG!!!OMG Oh My Gawd Spaz attack 
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OPTIMUS PRIME! you'r doing a bad job protecting the city!
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Is...that...chibi?? *SQUELS* Oh, this is brilliant, just brilliant!
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sooooo darn cute!

"whoa little mexican standoff we got here."-Sideswipe
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they are so cute!!!!
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So cuteeeeeee! :D
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chidi madness and it is super cute X3
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Sure is! My bro used have the toy back in the day, it was awesome!
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Yeah, badass Prime!

Amazing picture!
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Thanks mate, I really appreciate that!
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nice on bro ill give you major props for this the only thing i didnt like about G1 was the fact the all mighty megatron transformed into a gun to be used by starscream
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Hah, yeah I always thought that was a pretty lame thing to turn into. If no one was around he'd just be useless, laying on the floor!
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Loving the animation style =]
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Thanks greenxeyedpunk! Glad you like it!
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