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Here are some photos of the Kigu I won back in March for this entry… into the Ni No Kuni Design a familiar contest. I ware it a comic con in Manchester for a while, but due to a heat wave in the UK at the time I had to take it off. Thank you very much Bandi Namco and the Kigu company that made it!

Fully Body Photo…

Close up head shot…
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Hi everyone,

I'm going to Japan tomorrow so I won't be replying to any messages or getting online much, if at all. I'll be back in two weeks!

See you all on my return!
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The Ni No Kuni "Design a familiar" contest I mention, I ACTUALLY WON IT!

To quote my e-mail

"I'm really excited to tell you that LEVEL-5 CEO, Akihiro Hino and the director, Ken Motomura picked your design, 'Snappy Dresser'… as the winner of our Kigu design contest!

They said "I like the organic design of the dress as well as the colors. It's very fashionable!"

I get a one-of-a-kind custom Kigu based on my design. I'm actually in SHOCK!

I'm so happy!
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Yeah...I should really update this page more. I will do after I'm done with Ni No Kuni, which won't be soon haha!

Reason I posted is if anyone likes the game, they are running a competition. I'm going to enter it myself.

Its a "Design a Familiar" Contest. I'll upload my entry to DA once it is closed.

You can win a custom "Kigurumi" of your Familiar

Here is a link to the contest. I don't know when entries are closed…

Only open to PAL territories…
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That last horrible hour in work before I finish for Christmas

Just thought I'd say a quick hello to everyone here, wish you all a Happy Holidays and see you all in the new year!
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It is my Mum's birthday! happy birthday!

I've uploaded a comic I made 4 years ago for her, but forgot to share it here, so here we are
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Hello All!

No art related news but big news for me, my sister is having another baby! I'm going to be an Auntie again!

She has her first scan today and we still don't know what the baby is going to be!

I'm so excited!
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Hello all!

I'm going to the London Film and Comic convention this weekend. If you are attending let me know!

I've not got a booth or anything LOL! I'm going as a spectator, I don't update enough to have a booth!

Also, ROM returns after I get back, yay!
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Little weird when I got home from my holiday and found a Princess Peach 3DS waiting for me. I knew it was coming as Club Nintendo told me in February I'd won it, but it's been so long I was acutally thinking it was a scam.

I've just also been informed there were only 1000 made....

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Just has the Olymic Torch run past near where I work. The company was kind enough to let us go and watch it.
I believe it is on its way to Liverpool and then the Irle Of Man!

We waited a long time for it come around and then it just seemed to be over very quick!

At least I got to see it and it wasn't rainin!

Once in a life time and all that!
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My family just bought a new rabbit. His name is Fudge and he is an RSPCA resure rabbit. He is awesome. I just wanted to plug the RSPCA and Leigh Cats and Dogs home as our best pets come from rescue shelters.

Give an animal in need a good home!
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My 13 year old German Sheppard, Leah…;, passed away on Friday two weeks ago today. German Sheppard's have a know weakness of the hips and only have a life expectancy of 9-11 years. Leah had a long and happy life, and brought so much joy into mine.... She will be missed always.
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If you are on facebook, please vote for my entry in the "Ensorrowed Competition", just click that you "like" it!

Thanks in advance!…

I'm really pushing for votes as the deadline might be soon, please vote as soon as you can, if you are able!

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Man, the new torchwood was epic but it ended on a cliff hanger....and it wasn't on today, i'm hoping they have another season confirmed, cos if this USA/ UK joint venture falls through and a new season is cancelled, i'll be extra large gutted
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These riots are getting ridiculous...

Just a heads up to my friends and watchers that are in other countries, I'm fine. The UK riots have only hit major inner city areas at the moment. I haven't seen so much as a burnt out car.

And  it seems the British Weather has come to the rescue.

"A huge police operation and heavy rain in some areas appear to have prevented a fifth night of disorder."

I won't talk about the riots yet as even I don't really know what is happening, and I live here.

It seems to be "aggressive shopping " ( a term I hate that has been coin by some idiot and is now on the news) and (organised?) mindless violence at the moment on a VERY big scale, with attacks on Police and property damage. It's getting way out of hand. I don't have numbers, but the news channels are reporting deaths now, which is horrible...I've never seen anything like it in my life. These people are laughing as they are setting buildings on fire and are just blatantly breaking into shops and looting.

I'll give you an update when I know more.
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Happy Birthday last week Merlin (A.K.A Lilandra-surge) !

I missed giving you something on your birthday last week because I didn't know about it in time! Hope you are having a better time of it now, I know you've had bad luck latley...

Hope at least this comic I made you makes you smile!
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A wedding, a wedding, were going to have a wedding…

Friday marks the Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton www.officialroyalwedding2011.o… . It marks an unexpected but very much welcome Bank Holiday for the United Kingdom. I will be off work and intend to watch the big event on TV.

It’s a big deal for the UK and even though I don’t personally keep up to date with the Royal’s, I’m happy that they are getting married and wish them all the best on there big day. Lets hope it doesn’t rain! It’s been beautiful weather and awful weather all at the same time!

As far as I am aware the wedding should be being broadcast in a lot of different countries, so why not catch a bit of British pomp and glory!

Also, talking about Weddings, give my friend Sarahmon a call if you need a wedding photographer
and live in the North West of England. She also has contact details for a makeup artist, beautician and wedding accessories sales website.

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Cha! I just got to play with a Nintendo 3DS! I randomly went into Game Station to pre-order Pokemon White and I was watching a 3DS trailer they had on a TV and the guy behind the counter was like "Do you want to give one a try?"

They didn't have any games, but they had the Blue 3DS with the installed software. I had a go of one of the inbuilt games that uses the camera and augmented reality technology. There was a card on the counter and when the game started I had to shot targets, but the 3DS kept messing with the picture, at one point making a huge bump bounce up and down on the desk. It works smiler to the PSPs Invizimals but has the power to actually warp what you see. I didn't get a test the 3D features massively but the images didn't exactly pop out at me as I was expecting. I hope the actual games 3D engine is better. Then again, the 3D bar may have been on low, I can't really comment....its a neat little console though. Convinced me to get one when some more colours come out. The console was very shiny! Not matt plastic at all! Very nice looking in fact.
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Been inspired recently to draw one-off sketches. Not found time yet to do more than one , but I have a series in mind. I'm going to call it "The Elements". "Bowen of the void" in this series is the element "Beyond". There are going to be 6 other sketches (ohhhh.....that's 7 in total! That number keeps popping up doesn't it? I wonder why lol). There are going to be:

"Ophelia of the Crystal Lake" ( Ophelia is a fictional character in the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare. In the play Ophelia fell into a brook and drowned) of the element "Water".

"Halite of the Promised Land" (Halite is commonly known as rock salt and is the mineral form of sodium chloride (NaCl).) of the element "Ground"

"Icarus of the Divine Storm" (Icarus is from Greek mythology, Icarus flies using wings constructed from feathers and wax. He flies to close to the sun) of the element "Wind"

"Prometheus of the Rising Sun" (Prometheus is also from Greek mythology. Prometheus stole fire from the Gods and gave it to man kind) of the element "Fire"

"Angelus the Messanger" (the Latin angelus which in turn is the romanization of the ancient Greek (angelos) means"messenger") of the element "Light"

"Kerberos of the Gates" (Kerberos, in Greek and Roman mythology, is a multi-headed hound which guards the gates of Hades) of the element "Dark"
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Find out some cool names for yourself! Give it a go! It's fun. :) But please don't directly copy mine. Spice it up your own way!

1. Your real name


2. Your nobody name (mix up the letters of your first name and add an 'x' where you think it should go)


3. Your gangsta name (the first 3 letters of your name plus 'izzle')


4. Your detective name (your fave colour, your fave animal)

Purple Lion

5. Your soap opera name (your middle name, the street you live on)

Shelagh Badbury

6. Your Star Wars Name (the first 3 letters of your last name, the first 2 letters of your first name)


7. Your superhero name (your second fave colour, your fave drink)

Lilac Pepso

8. Your witness protection name (the middle names of your parents)

Anne William (my Dad doesn't have a middle name)

9. Your Goth name ('Black' plus the name of one of your pets)

Black Rakka