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Cthulhu, the octopus god

By shaungent
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Here is the first paintup of my Cthulhu miniature available as the octopus god through Khurasan Miniatures. Painted by the talented Spacejacker.
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hey friend, Cthulhu Fhtagn!
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Very cool handycraft :)
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The OCTOPUS God?! Please, my friend, refer to him by his rightful title. The EVERYTHING God.
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No, no, no, in the Lovecraftian universe, the supreme "god" is Yog-Sothoth. Sure Cthulhu is powerful, and certainly the most well known, but as far as things go, he's a fairly minor entity.
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Meh, I guess you're right. I might've overstepped his power there for a bit.
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Haha, it's cool. Anyway, "octopus god" is kind of an understatement, so yeah, it all balances out in the end.
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I disagree. The supreme god is Azathoth, the ¿engine? of chaos (I'm spanish, I don't know the original name). Thats why the gods keep him sleeping and depraved of his intelligence and in prison. if he awakes he will destroy everything. But I find that the most interesting is Nyarlathothep. In the 'Call of cthulhu' Role playing game is always meddeling with the humans. But anyway, the 4 gods are AWESOME and so are the Mythos.
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Yo, you're totally right, and I'm feeling pretty ashamed right about now. For some reason I tend to get Azathoth and Yog-Sogoth mixed up. Hopefully I won't make the same mistake after this.
Anyway, I think Azathoth's title within the Cthulhu cycle is actually "the blind idiot god," while "engine of chaos" probably comes from the RPG or some other part of the extended mythos.
Nyarlathotep is my favorite as well.
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Dont worry everyone can make mistakes. I dunno, I knew both names but engine of chaos depicts him better as what can he do and blind idiot god as his state. Anyway, he's the boss xD And I'm happy that you fav Nyarly too :D
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This is stunning!
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Looks amazing!!!
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AWESOME work, and awesome subject :D :w00t:
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