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Supporters of our beloved, chipper little couple, Desmond/Shaun!
:iconac-villa: AC-Villa We are Assassins :icondesmond--x--lucy: Desmond--x--Lucy Desmond x Lucy :iconaltair--x--maria: Altair--x--Maria Altair x Maria


While No One Is Looking by Krumleee While No One Is Looking :iconkrumleee:Krumleee 14 6
Fortuna's Drive 2-AC YAOI
Fottuto bastardo sanguinario: Bloody fucking bastard
In piedi: On your feet
Se sei qui per uccidermi, la mia donna: Are you here to kill me, my lady?
Merda: Italian curse word. ^^
Maledetto idiota: Damn idiot
The birth of a new day showered her in frustration.
She had witnessed enough wildfires to last a thousand lifetimes, living under a notorious brand. With her family's name engraved on her heart, she bore witness to the moon's reign. Night consumed all in the wake of time, even as the blackened sun rose over Italia. Cesare's iron-clad reign over Italia's children stirred flames deep within her heart, but she resigned herself to defeat. She believed herself to be helpless in the wake of bloodlust, seemingly doomed to follow her brother's footsteps.
Roma's devastated streets, grief-stricken people and barren establishments left scars on her heart. Cesare's daily executions of insubordinate soldiers dismantled her innards. Bending to her brother's every whim sickened her, but she dism
:iconlady-achika:Lady-Achika 2 1
AssCreed: Halloween
Shaun was trying to focus on the screen as something cold splattered across his chest, jerking up towards the cold. He tore his eyes away from the mouth working it's way up his chest and tried to focus on the movie he was supposed to be watching...
And he couldn't. The mouth that was working away on his chest was being rather insistent, and he was finding it harder and harder to concentrate on what Norman Spencer had said to make his wife shout his name so loud. He shuddered as his body began to succumb to the cold, and groaned at the muffled laugh against his chest.
"If you're going to be like that, then we're not doing this." Shaun grumbled.
"I thought you'd seen this one." The mouth asked, moving lower and biting down on his abs. Shaun hissed, arching up towards the touch.
"Yeah, about four years ago. Now stop trying to distract me! Asshole." He let one hand brush over soft, dark hair, glasses slightly askew as he studied the form that was currently occupied with using him as a bowl
:iconbloodbabe2003:Bloodbabe2003 28 10
Shaun Hasting by Kaimu-KittyQ Shaun Hasting :iconkaimu-kittyq:Kaimu-KittyQ 19 10
A bloody good collection of Shaun/Desmond love. Enjoy with a cup of tea, sweethearts. :love:


Welcome to :iconshaunanddesmond:
Enjoy your stay and please spread, share as well as enjoy the love of this wonderful pairing.

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