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Animal Rights Poster 2



A concept series of 3 posters.

These photos are intended to create awareness of animal abuse and how people need to report it. You are their voice, report animal abuse when you see, hear it, etc.

Poster 2 of 3.

Original size: 68 x 44 inches roughly.
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There is a very important protest being held on August 5th against animal abuse and cruelty! Please help spread the word about this protest! If you would like to participate wear red and show your opposal of such malicious deeds. Paint,carry signs,design your red clothing,it doesn't matter! Just show your opposal in this protest! Many people have commented on how they wish someone could do something about it,well now I am. So,join me and lots of others in this protest! The more help we have the more of a difference we will make! Be a part of history with this protest. Everyone is aiming to make this protest one of the largest protests ever. Thank you and have a wonderful day! :)