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Julia Grand 3D

This Script is based off ~neoMWH's Julia Grand 3D Tutorial. Remember that scripts and tutorials are only a starting point, and we would love to see what you can create with it.

Currently only works with *Zueuk's Apophysis 2.06c 3D hack!!!

I added a few extra things not covered in the tutorial... I think they give it character, but you can choose to keep them or not.

Edit Yes! There is an edit while in the original submission process. *Zueuk has just informed me that flame.pitch was the way to set the pitch from scripts. The same goes for perspective and yaw etc. When fiddling around with it however, I found that the value I put in ended up being around 56 times the amount I wanted for some unknown reason, so be careful when editing that part.

You have permission to edit, change, modify, or delete as you see fit, however, recognition is needed for ~neoMWH's Julia Grand 3D Tutorial, *Zueuk's Apophysis 2.06c 3D hack, and my input into the script :D

~ladydetemps has created a stamp to commemorate the script, and I think it's awesome :D
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I can't find the hack on his page.
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thx for the awesome tutorial i used it to make [link]
Thank you for sharing :boogie:
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ive used the script here: [link]
thank you very much
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I used your script here [link]
thank you very much!!! It's simply amazing!
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Wow thanks for sharing this! I'll be using it again in the future! :

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Hey awesome script- I've never used one before, so it was fun experimenting with it. :)
Made this with it:
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thanks so very kindly for the script. I simply cut and pasted it and put it in a "new script" and it worked beautifully!

very nice script!
shaun-rules-4eva's avatar
No Problem :D
You can right click the download link, and save as an asc file instead ;)
CorazondeDios's avatar
I did that.
that works much better than having to cut and paste it into a new script and save it.
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I'm like a complete noobie with this program, but I made something using the script that I at least like... [link] ... ^___^
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I used the script here [link]
A fullview is a must
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Wicked script. I'm using it and tweaking it right now XD
shaun-rules-4eva's avatar
Glad you like it :D
Thanks for the :+fav:
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awesome, I'll give a note, when I used it, for sure!
thanks for sharing this great script with us :glomp:
shaun-rules-4eva's avatar
No Problem.
Thankyou so much for the :+fav:
SoulNeverLies's avatar
you're most welcome !!
please take a look at "field of pearls" that I will submit next minutes ;)
I hope, you like what I have done with your script.
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Used your wonderful script to produce the fractal in these deviations:
shaun-rules-4eva's avatar
Awesome :)
And thankyou so much for the :+fav: :D
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Thanks I am in the middle of rendering one of these right now. (In fact this is my first script...)

I will post directly to you when it is finished.
shaun-rules-4eva's avatar
Cool :D
Can't wait to see it :)
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