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leopard print

this is on a good friends wife. it was pretty tricky and most of it was free hand...all one sitting, and her first tattoo.

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Awesome tat. How much was it?
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thanks. i dont remember the price i charged, it was close to 6 years ago
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Any chance you'd be willing to do mine?
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yes, i work in san diego at sleeping giant tattoo. im there thursday thru sunday. this next week i will be gone, but i will be back around the 28th i think.
you need to be at least 18 in california and have a photo i.d. with your birthdate.(driver license, or passport).
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lovely. been thinking of something simmilar myself for a long time:Dhihi
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cool! let me know if you do, i would like to see the finished product.
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It reminds me of the Trill race in Star Trek. I always adored their spots. Nice work!
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i had to look em up to see what they looked like. but i totally remember now. i liked their spots too!!
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You're very talented! Pretty good idea ( :
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you should get one for sure. :D
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this is gorgeous. may i please have permission to use this general design as a tatt on my arm? full credit of course :)
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you could do something similar if you want, but not a complete copy, its already on somebody. that would make them sad. :)
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I love this! Check out my wildcat journal :) ~ xXx ~
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I love leopard pattern tattoos, and this is amazing, especially because it was mostly freehand!
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:D thanks, it was super hard to do!
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