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What I think of Spider-man X Lucina shipping? It's dumb and it makes no sense.... And that's about it. Just something stupid.
Alright, here is the list of drawings I'll be doing for the Ben10 crossovers.

1: RexBlazer, Watchmen x Alien-X.

2: Irradiated-Imp, Bloodborne x Blitzwolver/BenWolf.

3: Digimon x Humungasaur.

4: Shaun-K, ?

Well, better get started, see you guys when I make a post a drawing.
I feel that I should apologize to anyone who misunderstood in my previous Journal for what I am trying to go for so I'll explain it in better detail.

As I was saying I am planning to draw Ben 10 Crossover fan arts but the catch is Ben can only use ONE Alien to either transform or be stuck as the Alien (depending on the crossover) in each Crossover,
so here are a rules just to clarify.

Rule 1: You can pick any of Ben's Alien's in the Comment section as well as pick a crossover where you want Ben's Aliens to be in.

Rule 2: Aliens from different cartoon shows, anime, tv, movies or games are not allowed to be Ben's Aliens, only the ones that are in the Omnitrix that is canon are allowed.
            And no, OC Aliens are not allowed.

Rule 3: Those who has more than one crossover idea, please only pick one so that others can put there ideas out as well in the comment section.

Final Rule: I'll be doing the commissions for free but if anyone tries to be annoying act like a troll they will not get there free drawings so play nice and you may receive.

Alight, hope this helps make you understand where I'm heading, so start filling in the Comment section of what you want to see and those who already filled it in the previous journal I am sorry but you may want to fill in this Comment, in case for those who have changed there minds.

Once I see the requests I will update a Journal and show a list of those of who will be started from first to last.

To all Ben10 Fans.  
Hey anyone, was wondering if anyone is interested seeing a Crossover of Ben's Aliens in different crossovers such as Anime, TV series,Movies or Video Games.
Catch is Ben can only use ONE Alien in these crossovers be it that he is stuck in Alien Form or be able to turn on/off.

Just write down the "Title" of which world you want Ben to be in and pick which "Alien" that you think will suit Ben in that world.

See you guys at the comment section.
What I think of Spider-man X Lucina shipping? It's dumb and it makes no sense.... And that's about it. Just something stupid.


Cook Islands


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