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Mental health FAQs

This list is ongoing and suggestions of topics are welcome :)

Acute Stress Disorder -…
Adjustment disorder -…
Agoraphobia -…
Anorxia Nervosa -…
Autism -…
Avoidant Personality Disorder -…

Binge eating disorder -…
Bipolar -…
Body Dysmorphic Disorder -…
Borderline Personality disorder (bpd) -…
Brief psychotic disorder -…
Bulimia Nervosa -…

Compulsive overeating -…
Cyclothymic Disorder -…

Dependent Personality Disorder -…
Depression -…
Depersonalization -…
Dissociation -…
Dissociative Amnesia -
Dissociative Identity Disorder -…

Gender Identity Disorder -…

Hypersomnia -…

Insomnia -…

Learning Disorders -…

Narcissistic Personality Disorder -…

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder -…
Orthorexia -…

Pain disorder -…
Pervasive Developmental Disorders -…
Phonological disorder -…
Pica -…
Pyromania -…

Schizophenia -…
Selective Mutism -…
Social Phobia -
Sleep Terrors -…

Trichotillomania -…

Notable blogs

The issue of stigma -…
Seaking help -…

Gallery Folders

Advise, support and help
Fidget Spinners by RebelScumWoman77
Articles and information on disorders
Awareness Literature
The Dicotomy between Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde. by TheNightfallCrow
Personal experiances and emotional expression
Contraband: Searching Within Schizophrenia by Rosary0fSighs
Elyn Saks on stigma against mental illness.. by rationalhub
Hidden by saysomethingclever13
Depression Feels Like.... by poetrice
Not just a label
Medication Related

Mature Content

amphetamine by parakeetwuvs
Addiction related

Mature Content

Neurological illnesses and disabilities
Developmental disorders
Physical illnesses and disabilities
Trauma, abuse and bullying

Mature Content

Art For Therapy
Self-Portrait (2015) by Aseptic Void by AsepticVoid
Hope, recovery and the future

Mature Content

Anticipation by dwarfeater
Suicide Prevention Day
One Flame To Remember Them All by switchblade16
World Mental Health Day
World Mental Health Day by Rosary0fSighs
Suicide awareness project
Light in the dark project
Desperation and Hope by dwarfeater
Zarathustra by dwarfeater

Random from Featured

:LoveYourLimitations: by Ugghhzilla :LoveYourLimitations: :iconugghhzilla:Ugghhzilla 2,048 254 Advocate Stamp by ArtisnotanAccident Advocate Stamp :iconartisnotanaccident:ArtisnotanAccident 23 7 I Support Mental Illness Club by jackalibis I Support Mental Illness Club :iconjackalibis:jackalibis 97 11
Of Obstacles
I've never enjoyed hearing, "you can't."
It is often followed by, "because," or, "without."
Because I required prescription drugs
to finish grade school,
my father presumed that I would always need it.
When I recoiled from the side effects,
from the mood swings,
from the havoc the chemicals wreaked on my young body,
I was an object of ridicule.
My father turned up his nose
at all my protests,
and aspirations.
When I wanted to try to live without medication,
his was the voice of protest, of punishment.
He tried to sound reasonable.
"You can't do it without Adderall...can you?
You couldn't before."
He refused to give me the chance
to perservere on my own, to build on my own strengths.
I have taken my life into my own hands.
I have been clean for weeks, freed from an addictive drug
administered to children across the country.
I wouldn't change the path my childhood took,
and I am grateful for the accomplishments of science
that helped me to come this far.
Now, however, I take advan
:iconindiana-w:indiana-w 3 16
Blueberry lights by MasterLupa Blueberry lights :iconmasterlupa:MasterLupa 6 0 PRD - contest entry by Hakapeci PRD - contest entry :iconhakapeci:Hakapeci 52 32 I'm so beautiful by Mebob I'm so beautiful :iconmebob:Mebob 49 55
An Addiction
Prickly metal and burning need, my tweezers are food for an addiction they feed. Like crack and acid, a wild mental state breaks free, its comfort, and solace and freedom for me. Ashen red cysts cover my legs and my hands, whats left on my head hangs bright red and in strands. I have no control, a slave to myself, my sanity spirals, and so does my health. My hair is the enemy in an endless bloody fight, I continue the carnage well into the night.
If the addiction was killed, and I started anew, I fear so strong willed, that I would die too.
:iconantiprenuer:antiprenuer 3 5
Mature content
It ain't suicide-- Its coping :iconredkaiken:RedKaiKen 26 22
Rip Your Tears Away
Stupid, arrogant, rude.
You treat me like a child.
Vulgar, patronizing, mean.
Don't dismiss my words.
Scornful, rigid, vile.
You're no better than I.
Rude, dark, miserable.
Melt into the shadows.
Cocky, callous, and smug.
You make my mind go numb.
:iconthebizarreone:theBIZARREone 4 6
What is this disorder? you ask
What is PTSD?
Simple, I tell you, I'll tell you what it's like.
How does it feel? you ask me again
Soldiers get it, not a civilian like you, you say to me.
I sit you down and say, Listen to me.
Soldiers aren't the only ones who have PTSD.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is the name.
Going through trauma and hell is the game.
Look at Katrina victims, they have it too.
I have it and it's pure hell.
My anger is more venomous and spontaneous
The nightmares don't let me sleep.
I don't go to Atlantic City as I would like
I avoid hospitals like the Black Plague.
I am numb at funerals
And you ask me why.
Simple, I respond.
I have nearly drowned in the Atlantic Ocean
I know too many people who have died in hospitals
I'm in shock and can't speak.
Soldiers aren't the only ones who endure trauma and live.
Civilians get it too, if they're victims of disasters and rape.
They get it too, from the deaths of loved ones and near deaths of their own.
I have cheated death twi
:iconpoison-stripes:Poison-Stripes 68 57
stimga of suicide by shadowlight-oak stimga of suicide :iconshadowlight-oak:shadowlight-oak 18 12 A Day with OCD... by draw-girl A Day with OCD... :icondraw-girl:draw-girl 17 11 Eating Disorder Awareness by AltoidAddict1517 Eating Disorder Awareness :iconaltoidaddict1517:AltoidAddict1517 130 38
I wish this feeling would pass. I tried to be optimistic hoping this loneliness wouldn't last. I fear death on me has been cast. I wonder if my life is worth nothing more than trash.
I have this overwhelming fear I can't describe. It constantly finds me though I desperately try to hide. To let go of these feelings I feel everything I've tried. Is there anyone out there into whom I could confide?
Is there anyone out there for me who cares? Does anyone want this love I have to share? My heart and mind continues to tear.
This feeling of despondence seems so very constant; hard to break free from. I cry out but no one comes; while the world is carefree and fun.
I find it amusing, but also confusing the bliss of ignorance. All the while I'm frustrated and tense. No comfort in me found; nobody and no one around. Only my dismal and bleak thoughts abound.
Yet I still dream, that someday the sun will shine down on me and beam; that some day I will be seen. Not so invisible. No expectation of ev
:iconmental-illnessclub:Mental-IllnessClub 2 0

Group Info

Did you know that only 1 in 3 people with diagnosable mental illness seak help? The other two thirds will suffer in silence, afraid of the isolation and judgement that admitting they have a problem may bring.

Stigma is a dangerous and damaging thing.
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Oct 22, 2009


Group Focus
Support & Cause

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not sure if anyone is still about... long story short I have been rubbish as a group founder, when I ended up being less able to com online I thought the group would be ok as there were a lot of admin. It seems though that many have left and the groups gone unmaintained for a while.

I am now able to come online now and then so I will try to get the group back in order again.
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LopsidedFrosty345 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2018
I have Asperger Syndrome which is a mild form of Autism.

AngelGhidorah Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2018
This group is dead. All the Admins have been gone for weeks (years for some) and so there is no-one to manage the group and approve/decline submissions.

No point in sticking around.
Disability Day of Mourning (March 1st) by AngelGhidorah
ioonarina Featured By Owner May 5, 2015
I also struggle with mental illness. I can't seem to find Anxiety Disorder in the text though.. maybe i'm being blind XD 
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ShyGigyas Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Student General Artist
I myself struggle with mental illness. I have Aspergers/autism, social anxiety, ADHD, depression, and more than likely schizophrenia.
Jenny345 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014
I have Asperger Syndrome which is a mild form of Autism.
JEFFYYYY Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
One of my friends also has ADD.
JEFFYYYY Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I have ADHD and it's really hard to control it. I take medicine for it. My brother has selective mutism and severe anxiety problems. He's six. One of my friends has insomnia and another with autism.
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