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Shark Tank (Disharmony) by ShatteringSword
Mature content
Shark Tank (Disharmony) :iconshatteringsword:ShatteringSword 3 2
Shark Tank (Strife) by ShatteringSword
Mature content
Shark Tank (Strife) :iconshatteringsword:ShatteringSword 0 0
Queen Liger
Queen Liger
(Developed from Liger Zero)
Length- 48 Meters
Height- 16.6 Meters
Weight- 510 Tons (Fully loaded with ammo and CAS)
Equipment- Six Zoid Cores, Laser Fangs, Strike Laser Claws (4), Quadruple-Barrelled Shock Cannon, 2x Beam Gun, 2 Flank mounted SRM racks, Changing Armor System (CAS), Ion Turbo Booster Unit, Downforce Stabilizers (2), Energy Shield (1), ZOS System (1)
The Queen Liger is a prototype upgrade to the Liger Zero's basic frame, doubling it in size and adding multiple backup systems, increasing the overall armor and weapons to the standards of many that would have the prefix Death in thier name, and giving it a minor cosmetic overhaul.
It has three current CAS systems, the Red Queen, the Black Queen, and the White Queen. The Red Queen serves as an Asymmetric Engagement Armor, for when it is severely outnumbered. The Black Queen mounts a number of tactical strike weapons, and the White Queen's specifications have not been revealed yet.
It doesn't have a whole ton of w
:iconshatteringsword:ShatteringSword 2 0
Shark Tank (Anarchy and Chaos) by ShatteringSword
Mature content
Shark Tank (Anarchy and Chaos) :iconshatteringsword:ShatteringSword 1 0
Dee and Luxford by ShatteringSword Dee and Luxford :iconshatteringsword:ShatteringSword 0 0 Screaming For Vengance by ShatteringSword Screaming For Vengance :iconshatteringsword:ShatteringSword 0 0 Cracked Singularity by ShatteringSword Cracked Singularity :iconshatteringsword:ShatteringSword 0 0 Haywire Tempest by ShatteringSword Haywire Tempest :iconshatteringsword:ShatteringSword 0 0 Crushed Typhoon by ShatteringSword Crushed Typhoon :iconshatteringsword:ShatteringSword 0 0 Fractured Hail by ShatteringSword Fractured Hail :iconshatteringsword:ShatteringSword 0 0 Torn Perception by ShatteringSword Torn Perception :iconshatteringsword:ShatteringSword 0 0 Shattering Swords by ShatteringSword Shattering Swords :iconshatteringsword:ShatteringSword 0 1
Nanex Weapons Armory
Notes on Organic Core Units:
These units are composed of natural and often sentient, naturally occuring people. The conversion Process starts with an injection of Conversion Nanites, carried by Plague and Hive units. Fear Units can also repurpose thier repair nanos for this purpose.
After the injection of nanites, the constructs begin converting internal space and whatever else they can get thier mandibles on into support framework for a basic Revenant unit. The heart is converted into a Biofuel Fusion Reactor (Small and powerful) that is from there connected to the digestive system. This was a step masterminded to ease conversion- One can still eat and breathe after conversion. The resperatory system is converted into a cooling apparatus for the Reactor, and all but a certain set of other organs are eliminated. (can't kill everything for them, after all.)
Skeletal structure is hardened and reinforced with nanotubing and the nanite swarm itself. In the end stages, the nanites will cann
:iconshatteringsword:ShatteringSword 0 0
Scourge Wolf by ShatteringSword Scourge Wolf :iconshatteringsword:ShatteringSword 4 5
Chaz- Profile
Name: Chasadori S. Soracas (Chaz)
Age: 22 Earth Years
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Phys Desc: Lanky, tall. Often wears a grey trenchcoat. His eyes are brilliant green and he has shoulder length black dreadlocks. Caucasian.
Abilities: Smart. Really smart. Also, can build zoids. Singlehandedly. (Though it is a seriously slow process.) Furthermore ,he's got a little black port on the back of his neck that he won't tell what it does. Most think it's a Mind/Zoid interface, but noone can say for sure.
Zoids: Works with his handbuilt Star Wolf and Ice Eagle.
Background: Chasadori has been a bit... on it. Always a engineer, he graduated from a prestigious academy rather young and has been building Zoids since. He has a preference for fuzor zoids and in general tends toward Tiger/Wolf/Fox type and bird type zoids.
Personality: His personality depends on the seriousness of the situation. When he's out piloting basic merc work, he's a loud, talkative, skilled pilot, often with heavy metal or techn
:iconshatteringsword:ShatteringSword 1 1
Star Wolf, Ice Eagle and Aurora Wolf
------STAR WOLF------
Designer- Chasadori S. Soracas
Base- Konig Wolf, Shield Liger
Crew- 1
Weight- 90-110 tons
Depth- 21.6 M
Height- 9 M
Maximum Speed- 275 km/h
Summary- The Star Wolf is Chasadori's ever evolving personal project. A Medium class zoid, the thing measures about the same as a Sheild Liger, give or take a few tons depending on the equipment he has on it.
The thing is a MONSTER, with a caninesque head, and the Shield Liger's facial features. Inset, of course, with the Shield Liger's shielding system, and a array of sensory gear. To get into the cockpit, one folds the upper half of the head up (As may well be guessed.)
Now, on to standard armament-
Electron Shock Claws and Fangs, as may be guessed.
2x Particle rifles ((Mounted on the flanks, and well adjusted to reach wide arcs.))
1 Universal Mount (On the back)
1 Forcefield Generation System
1 Sonic Attack Device (Mounted in the mouth of the mech)
Can be fused with the following-
Ice Eagle (Forms the Aurora Wolf)
:iconshatteringsword:ShatteringSword 0 1


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United States
AKA me working on my art skill by filling a notepad with sketches of shark girls of various sizes. Shaaaaaaarks.



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