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Draelth Dress Up

Note: the quality improves the more zoomed in you are. Sorry about that. 

Another dress up game! As always, we're still learning and having a great time doing it. Please try it out, take screenshots, even upload your own characters if you so desire (just please credit! We put so much work into this!). I had a great time doing the artwork for this, especially since it was my own species/race with its own culture, so I could draw whatever I wanted (like warpaint and weird looking shoes) and leave out whatever I wanted (like clothing anyone in our world would ever want to wear out in public :D). 

A little about these weird-looking creatures: 

The Draelths are one of many races in Aelevar, and are characterized by their thick skin, angled eyes and especially their dragon-esque ears. Legend has it that Draelths were once a mute race (powerless), roaming the wilderness in small bands as poachers. The Sky Guardian Aklevorn established the first alliance between the dragons and the Draelths, leading to the dragon-riding clans the Draelths live in today. They are viciously loyal to their clanmates and their dragons but not trusting towards strangers, and strangers would do well to not trust them too quickly either. Other Aelevrian races tend to look down on the Draelths and their "uncivilized" customs. Since the territory of the Draelths is made up mostly of uncultivable wilderness, they fear little from the attacks of outsiders. Instead, they deal with the clashes between their own clans--often resulting in dragon battles--and only ever serve outside of their lands as mercenaries.

Draelth species belongs to Shattering-Gravity
Artwork done by (belongs to) Shattering-Gravity
Coding done by Firelight342 (Can you believe that my sister finally let me mention her in this? :iconfirelight342: is the one who has done all of the coding and all of the work this whole time! She's so awesome!

Thank you so much for trying out our dress up game and supporting! We would love to see screenshots if you enjoyed it! 
If you find any defects, bugs, things that don't work so well, etc. please let us know and we will do our best to fix it!
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You're welcome!!!
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Aleta by marriotte43    Her  name  is Aayla , by the way  I like  the doll maker  and the options , but  for the future try and incorporate a save button.
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Thank you so much for your feedback! We're both very glad you liked the game. 
We will definitely work on that! We're both very new at this so we'll see what we can do! Thanks for the suggestion :D
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I'm very happy to help you :) (Smile)  
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This is amazing, love it!
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This is so cool!  I love the clothing style, particularly the shoes.
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Thanks so much! It means a lot coming from a great dress up game maker like yourself. 

Would you mind if I asked you for some coding advice? We're still figuring this all out here and you seem to have a really good grasp on it. 
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Sure!  I'm mostly self-taught (though Ola of Doll Divine has been the most helpful person in the world) but I'd love to help if I can!
Shattering-Gravity's avatar
That's who we've been getting advice from too! that's so cool!
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Very nice game and your sister did well on the programming
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Thank you! It means a lot!
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:) Your welcome :D
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 AtlachasDraelth by AchtIconoclast  
Loved the outfits in general. Did the closest I could to the OC in my Avi in it and particularly loved how the dress ended up looking like!
Since you said you'd like to see Screenshots, there you go.
The ammount of effort must have been indeed great for this, but keep it up, great effort also means it was great work!
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Thank you so much for the screenshot and for your kind words! Your OC looks really cool!
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This is great, so many options (far more than in many of the games made by companies) and beautiful items! I'm the owner of the website and I was wondering if I could get your permission to post this game on my website? Of course with credits and link back to you (and anything you might want me to add in the description) :) (and if you'd be fine with me posting it, would it be possible for you to send the SWF to Since download is disabled I can't grab it myself :) (Smile) )

Also as for the quality, it might help to use smoothing! You can do that by either going into the library and manually for every picture asset right click "properties" and then check the box "smoothing". Or the much faster way is to make a text file with notepad, write:     

var libItems = fl.getDocumentDOM().library.items;

for (i = 0; i < libItems.length; i++){
   if(libItems[i].itemType == "bitmap"){
       libItems[i].allowSmoothing = true;

Then save the file with whatever name you want (I named mine simply "smoothingcommand") and the extension .jsfl. Then open your FLA file, go to commands > run command and open the text file you just made. Now all pictures have allowed smoothing! :D

Although personally the quality doesn't bother me that much (even when zoomed out and having a little bit of jagged lines, it still looks a heck of a lot better than many games out there). Anyway, great work by you and your sister! It's always such a joy to see great dress up games by independent artists! :happybounce: 
Shattering-Gravity's avatar
Thank you so much for your coding suggestions and for your offer! We're both very flattered; it means a lot. 
We would love it if you would put this up on your website! It is a pretty large file (as you can probably tell); we're still figuring things out and don't know how to make the 2-5 mb files that other people seem to do. Any advice?
And of course we'll send you the SWF as soon as possible (we want to try to make the file smaller first). 

Thanks again! 
Missangest's avatar
Awesome! I'm glad to hear that!
As for the size, sadly I don't have many tips there. After years of making flash games, I still have the same problem myself. At the worst I had a game raching 13MB! The HTML5 ones are easy since you can just put the generated spritesheets in tinyPNG and that will make a huge difference, but flash doesn't have the option to generate spritesheets so that's not an option. The only way I know of is reducing the image quality, but in dress up games that are based on the images it impacts the game too much I feel, so I have chosen to keep the large file sizes until I find another solution Shrug 
Shattering-Gravity's avatar
Thank you so much for promoting us on your page! We're both so excited about it!
Missangest's avatar
I should thank you for bringing more games to this genre and letting me share it! :D
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