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My interpretation of Mowgli from the Jungle Book. Went for a slightly older age and different personality than the Disney one, obviously :)
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OOH the claw is so cool detail 
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Much truer to the literary Mowgli especially in the second book.
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Would cooler if he wore shar khan’s skin like Hercules did after the lion slaying labor
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In the book he does dance on the skin.
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Dang!!! What a savage!!! XD
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He's cool! And he's hot, too!
PerkyPinkLover29's avatar
Love this style you did here!!!
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Bad Ass! Kind of want to cosplay this now!
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This is AWESOME!!!
This is the raddest Mowgli ever.
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Mowgli in the original story never went in for so much decoration, but he was still a lot more kick-ass than Disney made him out to be.
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I would love to see your take on King Louie 
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I've been reading Tarzan over the past week and his similarities to Mowgli made me want to make a more fearsome Mowgli, that really takes on wolfish traits. This picture is SUPER COOL and really captures that idea. I want to write about such a version of him and this fearsome image will help me! So thanks!

You really did a great job with this *_*
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Excellent interpretation! 
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I don't remember him being this....awesome. =O

Very nice pose, dynamic and threatening. I'd definitely want to have this guy on my side!

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Very cool interpretation and great sense of movement.
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Thank you! I really wanted to convey a sense of agility, so I'm glad that carried across! 
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Great pose, great use of color, great painting style!
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awesome.did you used reference?
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No reference, but I had done studies of people before this painting. :)
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