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RoD The Fallen : Prologue Cover - 01 -



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Aaaand here's my first attempt at a comic!

"The story is set on Terrak (Dreyrull is not yet a word). The Airla, creations of man, have escaped their creators, but must still fight for their freedom. "The Fallen" follows the story of Eistir'helle ("Starflight" in Klek'ik), a fallen Airla soldier in his quest—but what is his quest? Will he stay and help the first people, the lekkir; or return to his own?"

You may bash me for being cliche, but the base is actually a whole lot more fun. Realm of Dreyrull (previously "Aershaa, the Bladewolves". Give it a look? (Clicking the banner helps too =3)

Realm of Dreyrull © 2005 *StrydingSoul (aka; Cassidy Ford)
The Fallen © 2011 =PaintedCricket (aka; Frances Rivera)
Characters © 2010 =PaintedCricket (aka; Frances Rivera)
The Fallen © 2011 Frances R. (aka; =PaintedCricket) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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Sooo... Shiiineeey....