Photography a Crime?

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Photography A Crime?

Photography a Crime?

If the Metropolitan Transit Authority has anything to say about it, New York City shutterbugs will no longer be able to snap away while riding either the subway system or the bus. For the second time in 2004, the camera ban, which applies to both still photography and video, has been brought back to the table by the MTA board. The public is given a 45-day period, starting from the proposal’s announcement on November 24 and ending January 10, 2005, to speak out regarding the possible ban. The following are the proposed amendments:

1050.9.c. No photograph, film or video recording shall be made or taken on or in any conveyance or facility by any person, except members of the press holding valid press identification cards issued by the New York City Police Department or by others duly authorized in writing to engage in such activity by the authority. All photographic activity must be conducted in accordance with the provisions of this Part.

1040.4.f. No photograph, film or video recording shall be made or taken on or in any conveyance or facility by any person, except members of the press holding valid press identification cards issued by the New York City Police Department or by others duly authorized in writing to engage in such activity by SIRTOA or the authority. All photographic activity must be conducted in accordance with the provisions of this Part.
Make your voice heard: email a comment to the MTA.
Feel like writing?  Postal mail goes to:

David Goldenberg
New York City Transit Authority
130 Livingston Street, Room 1207
Brooklyn NY 11201

:bulletgreen: NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority
:bulletgreen: Email the MTA
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duhcoolies's avatar
now THAT is BS :no:
WindSoul1216's avatar
hey me and my friend just found out about this today! lol i was like WTF? anyway so the guy telling us shows us this sign thats like impossible to see that says all the rules. aperantly you cant share books ethier... ahhh starting to remind me of farenhiet 451...
Shachiel's avatar
Great comparison with Farenheit 451... and believe me... here in mexico there's something like that and we are not that far from Bradbury's utopy
WindSoul1216's avatar
i believe it! anyway wow really so whats it like down there or up there depending on were i am
Shachiel's avatar
Well... whenever you take your camera in ANY public place you're rudely told not to by policemen... the same with almost any form of art, painting & music... sorta feels like if the government wanted us not to enjoy or create art
WindSoul1216's avatar
i see that stinks...
Iamidaho's avatar
This is sad, america was founded upon freedom of the press and free speech and so forth. I feel that the freedom of the press should apply to all of the masses and not regulated and goverment selected members. Even of there is a legitimate concern of terrorism... We ultimately let the terrorist win if our rights are crippled by the fear of there attack.
modestalmond's avatar
Yeah, in Quebec it's apparently illegal to take pictures of anyone without thier prior permission. Thus, it's quite difficult to get spontaneous shots on the street. (and by difficult, I mean impossible). Stupid laws.
aperfectnightmare's avatar
Tis a damn shame. I mean why ban it? Does it harm anyone? If they are worried about terrorism, then why dont they just do a good job at finding out what the photographer is doing, ask them, and then make the call from there.

I mean since when is a 15 year old with a SLR, going to blow up the subway?
InkInMyVeinsDR's avatar
I believe... The people behind conjuring these laws up... passing these laws, and anything else to do with these pathetic reaches for "safety" are complete and total morons. What can a camera, or video camera do to people or the scenery of a passing train? Oh yeah... Let me assume... The flash may kill someone... Or their "souls" will be forever contained in a magnetic tape or a digital piece of memory... Next law they are to pass is no breathing air, amongst the others of water is no longer a legal substance, sulfuric acid is perfectly fine to drink... and any word other than "uh" can no longer to be spoken... Thank you you dumb mother F***ers that make those laws. :shithitsthefan: :finger:
SnowTigerCub's avatar
It's all from HATRED. Why do they hate us so much? Why can't we just love and get along together? Hatred is what's causing all this. 'Terrorist threats' and such why the hell are they doing that it only creates more problems! Now they're banning photography which is a part of 'freedom of expression' of the second Amendment. At least my brain thinks that... Phh why don't they ban breathing too? Huh? Huh?

Those questions stated in the comment were retorical... (sp)...

Love, not hate,
SingForMe's avatar
in some ways I agree with you,but I've heard some pretty stupid laws,just random pointless ones.:blahblah:
UserNameError's avatar
This is stupid. I agree with the picture! Photography is not a crime!
Brclarke316's avatar
Hey, a few crazies may take some pictures to destroy something, while the rest of us take pictures to preserve it.

Chairo's avatar
For the many of you wondery why they are doing this, here is the short explaination:

They believe that terrorists would take video/photos of these places and use them to plan coordinated bombings.

They caught a couple guys doing something similar, going around videotaping specific structures on buildings (like pillars and such that would make good targets to bring an entire building down), with the purpose of doing such a thing. This, however, is not justification for such a rediculous law.

You have a voice, now use it. They can only take your liberties if you let them.
ningx's avatar
one of my dreams is to really take photos in the subways of new york when i'm older....
i don't want it dashed.
please speak up..
S0D0's avatar
ive been kinda anarchist for a while now, but this made me think even more. those fucking government bastards try to ban everything these days that is only used as a form of expression. "hey! lets ban skateboarding and rollerblading in parks! those punks shouldnt be allowed to move faster than walking speed!!" "we should ban smoking, because some people cant stand the smell or dont want second hand smoke, who cares about the other persons addictions! its their fault that its not easy to get it out of their system!" "dont wear religious clothing in school! you could be expressing your right to something you believe in!!" "i think photography should be banned because camera's entrap peoples souls in them for all eternity!" fucking assholes

an·ar·chism noun (nr-kzm)
1. The theory or doctrine that all forms of government are oppressive and undesirable and should be abolished.
2. Active resistance and terrorism against the state, as used by some anarchists.
3. Rejection of all forms of coercive control and authority: “He was inclined to anarchism; he hated system and organization and uniformity” (Bertrand Russell).

look at number two... so people who follow anarchism are terrorists now? fine. then im going to buy a plane ticket to new york, wear a robe, turban, and rollerblades, speak in an accent to the flight attendant, go to the subway, pull out a camera and camcorder, and start shooting away everything in sight, all while smoking a cuban cigar. (no offence to middle easterns, i am 100% Assyrian, which is middle eastern)

idiots who think their big because they control what people do are the ones to be banned, taking away the rights you gave people in the beginning is commiting anarchism in itself...

aeternitas's avatar
I just love all the assumtions here trying to say what a horrible law this is. I'm not going to say if it is or not, becuase I don't know the reasoning behind it. If youre going to make a news pice, try not to be so bias. No one wants a mindless crowd spouting how stupid something is when they themselves don't even know the full story.

THATS stupid.
To be honest, is the inability to snap a few shots on the subway or the bus really a massive loss? As brilliant as reinforced windows and irritable businessfolk, with nothing better to do than nag away at your camera, you really need to worry about one less shot of wasted film? Give the goverment something to really think and snap that picture of Bush with his pants down; don't worry about these shitty new laws because there is a lot more to worry about politically than the enforcemnt of minor new laws. Next time you get bored on the subway and you need to shoot a picture, shoot a pedestrian. You'll feel much better for it.
sarahpea's avatar
Why are they proposing this? Surely they have a reason behind it and I would really appreciate it if you could tell me. PFffffffffffftt :| Beets
Jub-Jub-Bird's avatar
people are paranoid. they think you'll take their picture home, enlarge it and use it as wallpaper and bedsheets. and coasters.
Statyk's avatar
NY get's FCUK'ed up now completely ... no smoking, no cameras, no videos ... maybe now walking in public places and no breathing outdoors. I still love this town .... although it feels like necrophilia ...
savagegarbageman's avatar
Have you ever thought there was some thought behind this law? I mean not everybody is perfectly comfortable having someone snapping photos around them. People like their privacy, if they happen to be in the picture you could put it deviant art without them knowing about it. They don't just make these laws because they want to make life miserable.
darkmetalhead's avatar
That may be true, but the point of the ban isnt to make the travelers more comfortable, it is to supposedly keep the subway riders safer by taking away their rights. If the sole motivation for the ban was to make people feel more comfortable knowing they arent on someone's roll of film, they would make photography illegal on the Las Vegas Strip or Citywalk, but I gaurantee you will see more cameras there than you will on the subway. My point here is that the people who make these bans are trying to keep people safe by stripping them of their rights, and that is simply wrong. At least that is the way I view the situation
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