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Once there were many universes, separated by a powerful barrier known as the "waters between the worlds."
Travel between these universes was next to impossible, except for those who specialized in such travel. These travels were entirely under the control of the traveler.
Until the waters shattered.

This group is about wanderers of many kinds--hikers, pilots, space explorers, time travelers, etc, and even universe hoppers.
It is especially about those who find themselves... displaced against their will, like many of those in my own Shattered Waters multiverse.
As such, the group can include fan art from many sources, OCs within that fan art, and entirely original works, according to the skills and preferences of the artist.

1. Be respectful
2. Submit to the correct folder please.
3. Read the rules and submission rules before doing so.
Thank you :D

Submission rules:
Submit to the correct folder. If you believe we need more folders for certain types of artwork, comment or note me.
The group may accept mature deviations--at my discretion--but these should be filtered into their own separate folder; they should never be submitted into anything else. I want this to be a fairly clean group, though, so keep that in mind when deciding which "mature" items you're willing to submit.
Please see my blog on "folders", or the individual folder descriptions, for more details on what should go in each one.
What else I will or will not accept, or what folders it should be submitted to, will be decided as I go; this is my first group and I trust my fellow deviants to help me out.
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Wandering One by SideQuestPublication
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Rite of Passage by SideQuestPublication
Art Requested
Commissions, Gifts, and Trades
[Commission] Dismay, the Mistress of Fear by Sa1ntMax
Liara, Archer of Tridon (commission) by maximussolini
Heroes of Tridon by andre-ma
Logo in Progress by SideQuestPubs
Liberale Changeling Union Logo by Robbedhondt
changeling hunters association logo by Robbedhondt
Real Life
New Motorcycle YouTube Channel by SideQuestPubs
New Motorcycle Channel on YouTube by SideQuestPublication
Dragon's Eye Necklace by SideQuestPublication
Thistle heathergem by SideQuestPublication
Pet theories and Prompts



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Reminder One: The "Original Work" folder is for work that is not part of a fandom. Exceptions can be made for cameos, but please make certain there is something in your submission that makes it clear you're doing this. An excerpt or world map for that novel you're trying to publish would go here, for instance, but not fanfiction. Or you could add that world map to the "pet theories and prompts" folder instead, as suggested by my previous journal.
The "Fan Art--OC" (here "art" refers to both the written word and visual arts alike) is for your creations within a fandom--e.g. your own personal My Little Pony made to fit whichever version of the story you follow, be it found in canon, Shadows of Equestria, or whatever else, or your "what if" Sonic the Hedgehog story... these works of your own creation, not part of official canon, but they are tied to the fandom in some way.
And that leaves "Fan Art--Canon" as fanart and fanfics focusing on canon characters.

Reminder Two: New jobs (yes, that's a plural, hopefully soon that will translate to a larger bank account) plus the recent holiday rush, plus trying to work on my own stuff means my time on this site will be sporadic for a while.
Like it wasn't sporadic already. :roll:
Anyway, what I mean is, I realize that I have very few members as yet, and fewer still admins, but those who are already part of this group don't need to wait for me to vote your deviations in. I've set permissions that way for a reason--if you're part of my group and you've got something you really want to include, go ahead and okay it yourself! And if for some reason you can't... let me know. Otherwise, the expiration period for submissions ought to be really long, so if I don't get to your deviation right away, and you don't or can't vote it in yourself, I should have plenty of time to take care of it.

Reminder Three: I don't often go out looking for things to add to this group. Not yet. If something catches my eye that I want to include, certainly I'll request it, especially if it's from a non-member (how else to let them know the group exist? ;) ) But for the members, I'm kind of trusting you to decide whether or not you're interested in submitting your work.
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