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Shattered Danganronpa RP Information by Shattered-Reaper Shattered Danganronpa RP Information :iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 4 0
The Forbidden King Second Script
Thrones of Britannia Manga Script, Chapter 1 Script.
Italicized = Scene and character actions
Bold w/ " " = Dialogue

Great Hall of Scoan, Capital of Circenn.
Queen Cainnech had just recieved a letter from her husband King Aed. She looks up from the letter before reading it to call her son.
Cainnech: "Andrew? Come here for a moment!"
Andrew, currently 4 years old, rushes into the scene wondering why he was called.
Andrew: "Yes mum?"
She was reading the letter before he arrives.
Cainnech: "Oh dear." She kneels down to face little Andrew. "I'm afraid your father won't be coming home. Orkneyar has just made war with our allies. And your father has just left on an expedition to the north to assist them."
Andrew was sad to hear this.
Andrew: "What? But he promised he would be home."
Cainnech: "I know Andrew, but duty has called him. He has to abide by it no matter what." She smiles
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1st Post Battle Speech of King Aed by Shattered-Reaper 1st Post Battle Speech of King Aed :iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 0 0 Fortune cookie by Shattered-Reaper Fortune cookie :iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 6 11
Mature content
Thrones of Britannia: Prince Andrew Intro :iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 1 0
King Shattered
Sitting on a old black iron throne, wearing a crown of steel, a dark crimson robe with purple accents. From here I show my power. From a powerful capital I govern this nation that I am entrusted to serve. Let all my people be given fruitful lives. May they live in peace, as I prepare it for the coming wars. These wars to punish the wicked.  All the tyrants and oppressive lords shall know the pain of their victims. May those who commit murder against their fellow men face death at my hands, their heads falling before my feet, as I coldly gaze at their carcasses.
Riding to battle I show my enemies that forgiveness is not something you can just get. Forgiveness is not something you can even gain from those who suffered forgiving! It is undeserved forgiveness so long as you do nothing to end your cruelty! I will skewer those who think they are above their own people! I will cut impale those who think themselves above the Law of the Divine! I will be a tool of pain to show them all tha
:iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 1 3
Beautiful End - Part 1
I was sitting in the corner of my house's living room. I was tired. I was hungry. I didn't know how much longer I was going to last. However, I didn't know which was going to be the first thing to go. My life ... or my sanity?
Why do I wonder if I'll lose my sanity? Well ... *looks outside the nearest window*
"... Wanna come out yet?" Said a voice similar to mine. Something that has haunted me since day one of this ... horror. It's been driving me crazy. Every time I heard it speak I wasn't able to tell if it was that ... thing! Or my thoughts! 
And whenever I see it! The absolute hatred and writhing pain I feel from that anger! When I see ... my own face! Oh yes. You heard me right. I see my own face when I look upon that demonic abomination! My face, with sunken evil bloodshot eyes, always wearing a sadistic smile, ... with a tied noose beneath it ... waiting for me to come ... trying to entice me into it's snare, and watch me perform my final dance in pain and misery. Displayin
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IS THAT A HAND?! by Shattered-Reaper IS THAT A HAND?! :iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 7 15 Milk and a box by Shattered-Reaper Milk and a box :iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 8 5 Charcoal Skull by Shattered-Reaper Charcoal Skull :iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 7 16
The North Remembers Part 1
    The harsh wind blew it's cold wrath. A girl stands enduring it's icy pain. A girl of short white hair Standing motionlessly. Not moving a muscle. Almost as if she were frozen. Yet she opens her eyes. They are clear blue ... blue as the sky. She looked ahead ... staring at the path ahead ... It was time to set out ... It's time that the world pay for all that it has done.
    Mistral was a small, yet well built woman, with short round light auburn hair, and a large bang that nearly covered her left eye. Her skin was becoming a bit more pale after her time in the North. It was as smooth as if it were made of snow. And her eyes were as grey as a sky that could not decide whether to poor drenching rain or a thunder clap on some hapless victim below.
    She was watching Bran at the range. She watched as he was preparing his shot. Jon was helping Bran by whispering in his ear, as usual. Eddard and Catelyn Stark watched Bran with pride. Mistral
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Thumbnail for my new segment! by Shattered-Reaper Thumbnail for my new segment! :iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 3 7
Kuroi Ryu Part 18
    "Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! HA!" Kuroi had been practicing his swordsmanship all day. Yukimura would normally come by to see how he was doing, but Kuroi hadn't seen him at all. Kunoichi was wondering where he was, so she looked all over the castle for him. She walked past the dojo and noticed that Kuroi had been working up a sweat. She walked in.
    "What are you doing?" She asks.
    "What *huff**huff* does it look like *huff* I'm doing?" Kuroi answers.
    "Have you eaten at all?" Kuroi's stomach growls in response. She sighs and says "Wait here, and take a break. I'm sure there may be something for me to bring you." Kunoichi leaves the room and Kuroi sets his sword on the ground and sits to catch his breath.
    "You really needn't strain yourself master." Wrath warned as he appeared from his sword form. "It wouldn't do well for you to overcommit yourself in training."
    Fear appeared next. "Besides your training won't do
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Kuroi Ryu Part 17
Osaka Castle
October 16th, 1600

Kuroi returns to Osaka Castle to report, to Mitsunari, on the success of his mission to bring both Kotaro Fuma and William Adams to the side of the Western Army. With this the Toyotomi now had the assistance of the Fuma clan, as well as a large quantity of guns were now available for their use. 
    "You have done the Toyotomi a great service Kuroi. I'm glad to have someone like you on our side."
    Kuroi bows to Mitsunari. "It is more than enough to know that I have brought our cause a great advantage, Lord Mitsunari."
    Mitsunari looks Sakon, who was kneeling next to Kuroi. "And I am glad that you were able to find no problems and did a great deal to make this mission successful."
    Sakon bows. "You honor me, Lord Mitsunari."
    Mitsunari looks at them both now. "Now, the next thing we must prepare for is the battle itself. Kuroi, I would like for you to ask that K
:iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 2 3
Kuroi Ryu Part 16
    Kuroi's blade was inching closer and closer to Hanzo's neck. Hanzo's eyes couldn't stop looking at the furious black and purple-aura'd blade, as it hungrily came at his neck. He didn't have enough time to block the blade with his tanto. Is this the end for him? To be killed by a some strange man from some realm he couldn't comprehend? He looked into Kuroi's eyes. They looked at him with a dark fury, the moon gleamed behind Kuroi, hiding his face, yet his eyes were clear as the stars themselves. He relaxed his gaze, closed his eyes, and then surrendered himself to his end.
    The sound of cutting flesh a had been made, blood ran down the blade, and a pained grunt could be heard. But it wasn't Hanzo's. Hanzo opened his eyes and saw that Wakumi had stopped the blade with his hand, but it was cutting deeper and deeper.
    "Move out of the way!" Wakumi directed Hanzo. Yami then came with his naginata, slashing at Kuroi's neck. Kuroi limboed unde
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Stark Crest by Shattered-Reaper Stark Crest :iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 13 33


I can game it first by B12A I can game it first :iconb12a:B12A 30 15 New Friend 3/3 The End, or a Beginning? by KERNOS-WITHERNBAT New Friend 3/3 The End, or a Beginning? :iconkernos-withernbat:KERNOS-WITHERNBAT 23 7 New Friend 2/3 by KERNOS-WITHERNBAT New Friend 2/3 :iconkernos-withernbat:KERNOS-WITHERNBAT 21 4 New Friend 1/3 by KERNOS-WITHERNBAT New Friend 1/3 :iconkernos-withernbat:KERNOS-WITHERNBAT 18 3 New Sona look  by shadowandravenlove11 New Sona look :iconshadowandravenlove11:shadowandravenlove11 9 0 Gangster's don't cry by Randomthewolfskie Gangster's don't cry :iconrandomthewolfskie:Randomthewolfskie 17 4 Uthy by RicoDergy Uthy :iconricodergy:RicoDergy 13 8 ugly fuck by shadowandravenlove11 ugly fuck :iconshadowandravenlove11:shadowandravenlove11 4 13 Roco by Randomthewolfskie Roco :iconrandomthewolfskie:Randomthewolfskie 26 23 Tony Vs Greg - Lineart by 09tuf Tony Vs Greg - Lineart :icon09tuf:09tuf 4 1 Tony Vs Greg - Color by 09tuf Tony Vs Greg - Color :icon09tuf:09tuf 23 8 Owen And Blue - Lineart by 09tuf Owen And Blue - Lineart :icon09tuf:09tuf 7 0 Owen And Blue - Color by 09tuf Owen And Blue - Color :icon09tuf:09tuf 21 4 Zboy vs King Snake 1 - Color by 09tuf Zboy vs King Snake 1 - Color :icon09tuf:09tuf 4 0 Snake vs Zboy color 1 by 09tuf Snake vs Zboy color 1 :icon09tuf:09tuf 13 3 Zboy vs King Snake 2 - Lineart by 09tuf Zboy vs King Snake 2 - Lineart :icon09tuf:09tuf 5 0




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I am a loveable reaper who tries to be friendly with others and to make people laugh. But I also like lots and lots of blood, unless I find it comes from someone who was good. I also like Sonic, who is my idol. My boss is the Great Lord Death. He gave me mercy in my judgement and made me one of his own, so he's like a father to me. I also have a YouTube account under the same name which would be great if you guys could check it out.
Also be sure to check out my Patreon to give me support and to make more art for you guys! ^w^



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