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Dialogue: Happiness
Dusk. Mark is sat on a bench looking sad. Sam joins him. Both men are wearing suits
Sam: whats wrong?
Mark: ah nothing
Sam: doesnt seem like it
Mark: ......are you happy?
Sam: what?
Mark: are you happy?
Sam: what kinda question is tha-
Mark: just answer me, are you happy?
Sam: well, yeah course I am
Mark: are you?
Sam: whats got into you? yeah I'm happy
Mark: why?
Sam: what?
Mark: why? why are you happy?
Sam: well, I've got a high paid job,I have a big house, a beautiful wife who loves me-
Mark: and that makes you happy?
Sam: well, yeah why?
Mark: I have the same job as you, same salary, I live in the same area. I also have a wife who loves me, why arent I happy as you claim to be?
Sam: I dunno...erm
Mark: I find it hard to believe that anybody is truly happy
Sam: why?
Mark: why is it, whenever you feel happy and you sit yourself down and ask yourself "am I really happy?" all of a sudden that warm comfortable feelng you have goes and is replaced with a notion that something isn
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Friday 26
Looking back,
Its funny how,
I still remember meeting.
Sat across,
From the table,
Where we sat.
And here we are
Severn years wiser
It's a shame
that it's the end
Of an era.
Walk with me,
We'll talk, for the last time
The years we took for granted
The times we used to laugh,
It's the end,
My friend,
Let's talk, for the last time.
It will be,
A funny day,
Complete with mixed emotion,
Shed a tear,
For the leaving,
Say goodbye.
So look at me,
This could be your last chance
It's the shame
That It's the end
Of an era.
Walk with me,
We'll talk, for the last time
The years we took for granted
The times we used to laugh,
It's the end,
My friend,
Let's talk, for the last time.
Friday 26th will be,
The last day for you and me,
The school I walk away with ease,
But you I beg don't leave me please,
Just don't cry
When you say good bye…
Walk with me,
We'll talk, for the last time
The years we took for granted
The times we used to laugh,
It's the end,
My friend,
Let's talk, for the last time.
It's t
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Converse with the dead.
Pay respects to the dead
And plant a flower and shed a tear.
Converse one sided
With a voice in your head,
A comfort in imagination.
I'm always thinking of you,
I'll never forget,
The things you said to me,
I'm forever in debt
Repaying you with words,
At your place of rest.
:iconshattered-minds:shattered-minds 1 1
Question Everything
Question Everything
The  only way to learn about yourself
Is to question who you are
Are you;
What really were your motives,
When you said that to them?
Have you ever sat down and wondered,
Who am I?
What am I doing?
Where am I going?
Why am I doing this?
When will things change?
Even the things you are most sure about
Question it, you could find something new
If I could leave one thing  in this world
For people to think about
It would be the two words.
Question Everything…
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Mature content
Hope Never Lost :iconshattered-minds:shattered-minds 1 1
alternate ending by shattered-minds
Mature content
alternate ending :iconshattered-minds:shattered-minds 1 5
Do You Know Me?
Ever felt so detached from emotion
When you feel it, it feels forced?
Ever wanted to cry
But couldn't find the tears?
Ever felt so frustrated
You felt destructive?
Ever felt so lost
You want to curl up?
The world continues to spin
And I continue to fall
I stand on the edge of a cliff
Stare down and just wonder,
"what if…?"
Ever waited for darkness
To consume you
So you can feel safe?
Ever felt so awkward being happy
You wonder if its for you?
Ever spent the day thinking
Of ways to escape reality?
Ever wasted a day of your life
And not even cared?
No? then you don't know me
:iconshattered-minds:shattered-minds 4 8
People Change
People change like the seasons
No one ever knows why
No one ever sees it coming
Or sees it happen
You only ever notice once its gone
And when you're the one changing
You never really know it
Or admit it to yourself
Everyone else has changed
:iconshattered-minds:shattered-minds 1 7
Let's Connect
The hardest things to say
Are the things you mean
They are said in every day life
But never really meant
We're separated by Ims and Pms
Txt and email
That reduce these things to words
And words alone
Send an email to a friend
And tell them you love them
And then try to say the same
in front of their face
We end up saying sorry
To make ourselves feel better
So we can think to ourselves
"I'm not such a nasty person"
We're living in a dampened fantasy
An attempt to protect our ego
Shrouded  in  gadgets
To make it seem we care
Sometimes I wish the net would crash
And the phone companies ruined
Just as a way to make people connect
And then as I think about it,
I couldn't live without it
…and that scares me…
:iconshattered-minds:shattered-minds 2 8
Satiricle Rant
I am the god of peace
I will lead you into stability
You must remember that all other countries are wrong
And that those who do not agree with us are a potential threat
You must remember that democracy IS the only way
Anyone who thinks differently is a traitor and unpatriotic
We must stand against all threat that don't despise killing
But although in some states we have death row, this does not matter
In order to create peace, we must start wars
Wars with counties that are of no potential threat
And remember
A peaceful world, is a world run by America
:iconshattered-minds:shattered-minds 2 7
S-M political by shattered-minds S-M political :iconshattered-minds:shattered-minds 1 2
Waiting List
I've been put on hold
A waiting list for concern
No one really cares and I'm glad
I don't have to explain how I feel
For others to pretend to show sympathy
In expectance for me to do the same in return
The hope I once had has fallen
My future plans fell through
I continue to soak in apathy
And build a wall around me
To block out all others
And live my life alone
:iconshattered-minds:shattered-minds 0 2
Mature content
Food For Thought :iconshattered-minds:shattered-minds 1 1
With Caved In Hopes
The attention of others has fallen
Once again I am cold and alone
The safety net has long since decayed
That once hung under my feet
The semi rotten faces of the people I see
Turn all blind eyes to the fact I'm not me
The man I used to hate
Has turned to the saviour of myself
Depression seems to be the answer to my problems
My anchor on the ground and I'm surrounded
By the things I hate from the mind alone
And it comes no shock to see a mirror
:iconshattered-minds:shattered-minds 0 2
shattered minds by shattered-minds shattered minds :iconshattered-minds:shattered-minds 0 1
Mature content
There's Always Another Way Out :iconshattered-minds:shattered-minds 1 2


What Mystery This Vision...
Do you ever talk to the people in your cab?
Yeah! I usually don't have a lot of time to chat, you know. They have somewhere to be, and when I get them there, whether the conversation's over or not, they're gone.
What's the most interesting story a fare ever told you?
I don't know. Your boyfriends' story tops the list though.
I don't have a boyfriend. (They smile at each other.) So what's another good story?
Well, I had this guy earlier this evening. What a guy, three piece suit, leather briefcase with the gold snaps. But what a character...
Man in SUIT gets into back of cab (to be played as if SUIT is talking to CABBIE earlier in the evening, and simultaneously as if CABBIE is telling HONEY the story) SUIT leans into CABBIE, leans back, and they drive off.
The Manger Inn, huh? You must be in town for that big convention. There's no rooms available anywhere.
Yep. Say, I've got a different request of you.
(to HONEY) If you're look
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Squirrel by rainbowblossom Squirrel :iconrainbowblossom:rainbowblossom 5 23 Portkey Snape by blue-nadir Portkey Snape :iconblue-nadir:blue-nadir 1,070 753 If the world was in my hands 2 by rainbowblossom If the world was in my hands 2 :iconrainbowblossom:rainbowblossom 30 54 If the world was in my hands.. by rainbowblossom If the world was in my hands.. :iconrainbowblossom:rainbowblossom 5 26 Morecombe Bay by rainbowblossom Morecombe Bay :iconrainbowblossom:rainbowblossom 2 18 Twisted by rainbowblossom Twisted :iconrainbowblossom:rainbowblossom 2 30 Abe by rainbowblossom Abe :iconrainbowblossom:rainbowblossom 7 48 Billie Joe by rainbowblossom Billie Joe :iconrainbowblossom:rainbowblossom 24 77 Sounds of... by rainbowblossom Sounds of... :iconrainbowblossom:rainbowblossom 2 15 turbine by swinck turbine :iconswinck:swinck 4 5
Standing Out
Rar, I'm sorry
Rant is over
Falling beneath your cracks
Stood up to you but no more.
I never was your equal
Never did I stand up to you
You always bettered me
Envious of you, was I.
People always stood out in their era
Martin Luther King, Elvis
In this song I list those
Who never followed the majority.
Stood out against the crowd
They never followed me
Follow their lead
They never fucking followed me.
Their lead is biased
Drunken is their leader
Never do they see what is real
Limited is their freedom.
Their religion limits what they do
Protect themselves with fire
Two choices, choose your path
Is it rwd or is blue?
Your desire is what you chooose
Follow one path, other you lose
Choose your leader, choose your path
Follow your leader, suffer the wrath.
Drinking out of the bottle
Follow your leader, do what he does
Kicking ass bitching against what he does
Follow their path,close down their odds.
Shutting down the opposition
Closing down clean positions
Shut down anywhere they operate
:icondunn-ciaran:dunn-ciaran 1 5
Hatteh coloured by rainbowblossom Hatteh coloured :iconrainbowblossom:rainbowblossom 1 26 Wear.With.Reason by rainbowblossom Wear.With.Reason :iconrainbowblossom:rainbowblossom 2 38



United Kingdom
Current Residence: Uk
Favourite genre of music: Pop-punk, punk, post-hardcore
Favourite photographer: rainbowblossom :P
Favourite style of art: natural photography
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: PSP
Shell of choice: erm...those big fancy ones =P
Wallpaper of choice: well in my room its blue....
Skin of choice: didnt really choose..i was born with it
Favourite cartoon character: Homer
  • Listening to: The Early November
  • Reading: Ben Elton - Dead Famous
  • Watching: The IT Crowd
  • Playing: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
  • Eating: Anything
  • Drinking: Iron Brew
Hello to all. I'm officially pulling the plug on this page. I've not used it in a long time and it's a bit messy, so I'm saving all that I want to keep and deleting the rest. But fear not! As I have a new page; ChrisLanePhotography It's a bit bare bones at the moment but things should start to trickle in soon.


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