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The Basics: Point Perspective



I think this tutorial is a bit confusing, if you had advice for how to make it better or easier to understand please comment D:

Point Perspective

:damphyr: First of all: This is not a walk through for how to construct point perspective drawings.

Second: If you have not, please read the guide I made before this one for beginners:

Third: There are a million how to guides for point perspective, here are some you should look at after this tutorial:

BASIC: [link] (please remember not to over rely on connecting lines, remember to observe around you!)


I'm not sure how well received this tut will be, it's vastly more complicated than my other tutorials and as such my point doesn't seem to be very crystallized. What I wanted to get across was that vanishing points are vital to understanding perspective, but they are also not the be-all end all to a successful perspective drawing.

The best way to learn is always observe to reinforce the laws and learn when you need more. Parallel lines never cross prematurely nor do they avoid each other. But the entire world isn't made of 1 2 or even 2 point perspectives. If you can't observe the world correctly i don't know if the guides will help I guess.
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THIS WAS AMAZING! I was having so much trouble in my perspective class but this cleared it up. The DIY part where you hold the coin, etc, made it easier to understand, whereas in my class we just sort of did what the teacher said and there were already VP's and the horizon line on the drawings he wanted us to draw. Of course it does come down to practicing perspective, etc., but this helps you UNDERSTAND it, and UNDERSTANDING it is the most important part of learning something because then you can APPLY it. I understand a bit more about where perspective comes from! I loved this and I recommend it to people who are having trouble! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!