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April 30, 2016
Pokeball Interiors by Shattered-Earth
Featured by Ikue
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Pokeball Interiors

EDIT: Woah thanks for the DD! If you wanted to see more pokeballs, i added the master ball and premier ball on tumblr here: Oh you can see right here actually!:…

Some fanart prints of various pokeball interiors!

I wanted to do more, like my favorite premier ball but thought i'd just stick to these for now :D

You can find the 1st edition prints on sale here:…

And you may reblog on tumblr from here:…
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Evodolka's avatar

amazing work here :la:

S3cRt's avatar
BlubberNuggetz's avatar
I always wondered what it is like in a pokeball
Turducken's avatar
These are amazing!
its it ok if i Anime This As a project?
DarylDived's avatar
OMG! will you do more of these interiors for the rest of  the pokeball as well?
Mortdres's avatar
LOL nice one!
Those things must be very expensive :lol:
silverdroid's avatar
Amazing work <3 what a shame PokéTrends didn't credit you on Twitter...
dbchest's avatar
this is wonderful!
irina-orange's avatar
Finally, the solution to the mystery of Pokéball I am a dummy! Clap Love 
PlueJuice's avatar
Very nice! La la la la 
DeadHieratik's avatar
do other pokeballs will be cool !
cheezitann's avatar
This is amazing
FeedtheMachine100Art's avatar
Please make more of these! So creative :D And you have many pokeballs to choose from
mkkema's avatar
oh this is so beautyful! love the colors you have cosen and the layout. great work!!! <3
E-Ende's avatar
I can already see it... in the middle of paradise, taking a snooze on the beach and then BAM you're thrown out and into the middle of a battle with another tough pokemon
Alice-of-Africa's avatar
This looks like an accurate interpretation of what what kinds of worlds lie inside different poke balls. If I were a Pokemon, I'd like to be in that heavy ball. Who doesn't want to lie on a giant, snug cushion?
TheXenoFox's avatar
I really hope this is what is inside a poke ball or I'll fell release all my pokemon
OldNickelodeonLover's avatar
interior crocodile alligator
RGL1997's avatar
What a neat concept, I love how you drew/painted the water in both the "poke ball", and "luxury ball". :3
MrNintendoNerd24's avatar
ChiharusMoon's avatar
this is really really cool :D :D :D :D
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