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I Will Wait For You - Scrapper Skyward Sword

If it takes forever, I will wait for you. Mistress Fi...


Am I the only one that thought about poor scrapper? :(

I started this one ages ago before christmas but only just now finished it XD

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Now I feel bad for being mean to Scrapper.
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I don't think anyone would actually understand and get this unless they played Skyward Sword.
I'm actually on the verge of tears please help
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Gahhh I feel so bad for poor old scrapper. It's such a lovely game and I really like this piece. Got me in the feels
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very impressive work!
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Link: Hey! Are you trying to get my sword?
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Link: Yes. Now back off. I'm going to save princess zelda from Ganondorf. (grabs the swords and pull it off) (sword flash at junior's eyes)
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Link: yes. Now bye. (teleport to Ganondorf's castle)
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I will never see the Master Sword the same way again...
Before Skyward, I played most of the past games, including Twilight Princess...
when you obtain the Master Sword in Twilight, Midna says "The Sword accepted you as its Master..."
. . .
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Love the way it says 'Hylia' on the pedestal---nice touch! Fantastic job! :D
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I agree.
And also the stone blocks that you find in temples? They say "You Can Read This." I thought that was a nice one as well. :D
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Awwww..:( This is really SAAAAD 
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Aww! I'll admit that sometimes during the game I thought that scrapper was really incredibly annoying but also sort of cute so looking at this wonderfully painted picture I can't help but feel very sorry for him... :cry: Waaaah!
Great work though :thumbsup:
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Yea, i think we all thought he could be annoying at times but he's like a child in that way TuT
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you're rightMeow :3 
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Poor scrapper! I feel so sad for him now! :crying: rvmp 
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Danisnotonfire: FEELS  Why must your amazing artwork pierce my heart with feels
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It is a little heart breaking. Fi is destined to sleep forever in the Master sword. SS Link is the only one to have ever met her. She forsees that Link's descendants will wield her in the future. Do you think she may still be concious ( as in aware) of what's going on around her after SS took place?
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I think it would be kind of cruel to have her conscious but not able to act, she probably slumbers until her fi form is needed, if ever again. At most, maybe she awakes when the blade is drawn, but being conscious while stored in stone seems like torture!
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I see what you're getting at. Fi does come to understand human emotions and even feel them too. Just look at scrapper. He had a huge crush on Fi for the rest of the game
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