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Art Cycle

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Edit:3/2/2017: THE ORIGINAL ARTIST / GRAPH IS FOUND!! Check it out here:… Please leave them a note of thanks!

Edit 4/7/2015: Updated the image to make it hopefully slightly easier to understand. Still lots of info crammed into it but oh well...

Apologies for how messy this is.. I know this is uploaded at night but i scribbled it in the morning.. really early in the morning >_>

I'm trying to find the original graph for this, it was from a personal art blog of someone doing portraits and other traditional art. Their graph was cleaner (well it was like pixel/ms paint?) And every since I saw it i've kept it in mind. Now when I want to EXPLAIN it to other people without the graph it self it's just confusing so i made my own till i can find the other one. 

If you know what i'm talking about please let me know so i can credit them! 
Check latest edit!

Translated to Portuguese here:…
Translated to French here: by Nooknook 
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This is very helpful for artists struggling with their self-esteem.

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This is going in a picture frame in my office!
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I saw this a couple years ago and to this day it's still the single most influential and encouraging tool I've thought back to when art blocked. Thank you so much for this! :heart: 
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Oh my god thank you so much. it really helps me understand a lot better what's happening with me haha !
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Is it okay if I do my own version for French people ? I'll credit you and the original article of course ;)

I wanted to add a little thing cause I think that this is an optimistic graph in a way. Since if you stop practicing you usually lost some skill and in my opinion some people may think "well I'm in an art-block, that's why what I do is shit" and not really think clearly about the lack of practice and so on :)
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Go ahead and translate, if you add the note, please add it separate from the graph and make sure it's noted that that was your personal addition! Please link me if you make it, would love to add it to the page!
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I think you've received it since I put your icon but in case you didn't. Here it is: Le cycle de l'art

The personal note is bellow the graph and I also specified in the comment and before it that it wasn't yours ^^
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i found what you were looking for…
it's at the bottom.
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OMG it totally doesn't look like how i remembered BUT I THINK THATS IT AHH!! Thanks so much it took.. 5 years.. but you found it!!! I'm adding it to the description right now!
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This is so true!!!
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Thanks for this! It actually helped me explain some stuff about art improvement recently to my bro. I hope you find the original you're looking for! 
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The only thing that comes to mind that is similar to this is this video by Sycra:… . Not sure if it will help; but I hope it does.
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Yes, I was thinking the same thing!
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It's so mindblowing ! *o*
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Ohhh i didn't knew this o.o
This explains a lot
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Wow, this illustrates perfectly how I feel. I think I've tried to explain this to a lot a people... My problem is that I've been stuck in an "art low" for years because of crippling perfectionism. Sometimes I wish I could stop "seeing"...
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I have the same problem! The only thing I can think of, is drawing and drawing again to get better, the problem is the motivation to do that because you dislike what you draw. ^^'
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Omg I can't belive how I identify with that "crippling perfectionism" I used to draw all the time but suddenly I started a drawing I couldn't end it because when I was at half of the process I notice all my mistakes and just erase everything getting frustrated :'^)

I understand how you feel, I think I have more than 4 months trying to do something. I don't like my art anymore, I wanna die :^l
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Let's hope that things will improve for the both of us :')
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Sometimes I get like that. Often just doing little doodles helps instead of big projects. For a long time I was in a low, but in reality my art was the best it had ever been. I just got annoyed with big projects because I struggled with things like hands and dynamic poses. So I just started drawing hands. Looking at references helps as well :)
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Have any advice on regaining the drive to do art again
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