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:iconshastro:Shastro posted a status
Unfortunately This 11 Day Christmas Project is going to have to be put on hold for a bit and here's why-

Blender is using 90 percent of my RAM (8gigs) when this scene is open, even when I'm only on one layer with one object, as a result Blender stops responding every 15 seconds, and takes 15 to begin responding again, which makes Blender unusable, ill have to wait until I get 16 gigs to finish this scene, which is a huge bummer because I've put a lot of work into it and it kinda sucks to have something like this happen... :(

But don't worry I'll get it finished as soon as I can (and maybe I'll even try to work on it in these conditions)

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Shastro Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So I'll just make some more "smaller" one's for now
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