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I was pretty busy yesterday so I forgot to announce, but my birthday is August 7th! Which is funny since I suppose I was born the same day as DA (except I'm a year older than it)I am a dummy! I am a dummy! :happybounce: 

I might make a render to celebrate, but with my rate of production by the time I'm done it'll be next year.


(also I cant allow my birthday to be shown since I signed up for DA with a random birthday, since I originally made this account as a joke and never expected to use it seriously, or be an artist for that matter, and since I cant change B-Days this'll just have to work I guess)
Capture by Shastro
Ere we go!
Bloody Test Wip by Shastro

Bloody Test Wip by Shastro
Ere we Go!
Untitled6 by ShastroUntitled7 by Shastro
Working on random stuff

Creature WIP Front Angle CloseUp by Shastro
Continuing the sculpting

Asdasdasdasdasdf by Shastro

Gonna be sculpting my spidery thingi.

Scan0003 by Shastro
With some basic sculpting and maybe some drawing

Eehey by ShastroSphere2 by Shastro

Yep :D

Been working on Computer Circuits 
Untitled5 by Shastro
Hopping Back in for a bit, might be kinda short idk

Untitled4 by Shastro
Working on Some 80's inspired Sci-Fi with a Mic
Untitled3 by Shastro

Icy World by Shastro

What I'm starting with today:

Untitled4 by Shastro
What I'll be working on:
Untitled3 by Shastro
Edit: Updated w/ Progress Don't mind the ground i left that in by accident >.<
Untitled3 by Shastro
Untitled1 by Shastro


Makin Pumpkins :D
Capture by Shastro
Gonna be makin a new sculpt, though RN I'm not sure what it'll be, after this month if I get good enough at sculpting ponies, I'm thinking of opening up OC character sculpt commissions :D (Non-Shaded Tho)


Working on Sculpting :D
Sculpting stuff w/ mic :D