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Unfinished Halloween Work- Buddy Pumpkins by Shastro Unfinished Halloween Work- Buddy Pumpkins by Shastro
I decided to upload some of my unfinished work, most of my projects get to a nice stage then die off because it just takes so long.

I'm very proud of the sculpt tho, das nice, though these renders are slightly outdated I made more progress than this, I was also planning on making a tutorial on this subject once I finished it. I might just make a tutorial based off of these pumpkins alone.

For example I started this at the beginning of October 2016 with the hopes of finishing it by Halloween, but that didnt happen because my goals were too large (I wanted to place them on the porch of a fully modeled house.

Between all AP highschool classes as well as community college, and university classes I'm super busy, and lazy :P

As a side note my name is Skyler Hughes
madcomputerscientist Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017  Professional Artist
AP high school classes, wait, that means...  Ohboy, I need to go rethink how my life is progressing, orz.
And you are a braver soul than I am, giving out your real name on the internets! 'Tis a spooky place.

But seriously, about the image, I really love the rim-lighting along the edge of the left pumpkin there, and along the inside of the eyes and mouths. It really adds some contrast and depth, and the bloom in certain areas really sells it. Also they're adorable smushed together like that. :meow:
Shastro Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yea its pretty funny that the main reason I said my name was because I was too lazy to edit it out, though I've said my name before, and I dont think many will notice XD

Thanks again madcomputerscientist :D
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January 22, 2017
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