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Livestreams! and a Buncha Other Announcements! by Shastro Livestreams! and a Buncha Other Announcements! by Shastro
Hello everyone! Today I have some exciting announcements to share! 

Livestream Links at the bottom of the page! WORK THAT SCROLL WHEEL! :)

PLEASE READ BELOW! For Livestream stuff Commission Stuff and a Buncha Other Stuff!


-   First off as the title and the image suggests I am going to be officially starting livestreaming! I might not be able to make every Saturday stream, but for the rest of my Summer I should be able to make every Adapting To Night Stream! (More on That Later) Once School Starts I'll re-upload this image with updated info! This Banner was made for EQD Daily's Livestream Posts, I will announce every livestream with a journal that will have a live [ONLINE]/ [OFFLINE] state, so if you're watch settings do not cover journals go check that box to get notified when streams will begin. 
I may do surprise streams or quick 30 minute ones so be aware of that. Additionally some of you may be aware that I have in fact been streaming for two weeks almost a stream a day and I have been to 2 AtN streams so far, I did not announce those however nearly as much because I was still testing the hardware and figuring out how streams work, it was an important testing phase. 

- Secondly, I am announcing the arrival of commissions! They are not open yet and they will not be open until I finish creating 's OC from SCRATCH! yes I have finally begun creating my very own pony model, In the top right hand corner of the image you can find a wireframe render of Blazed Oc's mechanical leg. I plan on offering several different types of commision and more details will come in the form of a journal and a deviation soon! Here is a sneak peak at what I might offer:

Work In Progress Commission Types:

- 3D Print -  In this commission I plan on making your OC from scratch (or with the use of my base model) and putting it up on shapeways for you to purchase, I plan on making these commissions cheaper to balance out the cost of purchasing a 3D print, and since I cannot give an exact price of 3D prints as they vary from model to model for this commission I will give you my skype and give you a progress report any time I finish anything and will make you as close to the project as it develops, 3D models may take weeks (I have been working on Blazed's for certainly that long) so constant feedback as I transform you're character to 3D is critical, additionally 3D prints require structural integrity and may necessitate design changes. These 3D prints because of the nature of 3D prints will be relatively simple.

- Render Version - In this commission I will make a render able version of your OC, by render-able I mean more detailed and with particle hair should you want that, and the skype calls and feedback will be the same as described above. This commission will stick as close to your original design as possible.

- Let Me Go Crazy With It Version- This commission will be rendered and will likely be more like an addon to the previous type, basically I will add my own style to the character and add much more detail and really solidify it with reality, this one will give me the most creative freedom of them all and constant feedback will be maintained to make sure the overall feel of your character and major design remains in tact. 

I have more ideas brewing in my head but that is not the purpose of this post. 

Adapting To Night Animation Project!

I have been a part of the AtN SFM animation project for a few months now and I have been quietly helping them with whatever they needed me for, lately I have been putting alot of work into creating mesh hair for the character known as "Lucid" in the Adapting To Night Comics. Previously hosted by drawponies you can find the Official Comic on Rated-R-PonyStar's Page thingie. 

Also I'm super happy because I'm listed as part of the "Crew" on the SFM AtN's Website! Its been alot of fun working with Drawponies, Rated and Everyone else and I can't wait till its finished. Here is a screenshot of the (yet to be released) SFM AtN trailer!…

You can find the AtN streams at! - I'll be there most fridays!


- My Channel-…
- The AtN Channel-

If you read this far down HOLY CRAP! Go buy a cookie :3

Lastly This post was mostly just meant to show that I'm not dead, and despite the fact that I work in blender every single day most of my stuff has been very long term (for very BIG ) things so my DA doesn't get alot of traffic, I wish I could produce some amazing 3D art in one day and if I could this place would be very busy (heck I wish I could produce amazing 3D art at all!) so thanks for sticking with me so far, I certainly hope that the big things I keep hinting about will be worth the wait since so far they have been the biggest challenge I've ever done in my whole life (seriously)

I still got more coming and DONT FORGET to STAY SO FRICKEN AWESOME!
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KieDough Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As if my second monitor isn't strained enough from backed up things to watch ;P

I'd love to join in but man I can't let my watch later list get any longer, 500 vids is where the hammer falls!

Likewise I think ATN is going to be awesome! There's so much talent wrapped into it!
Shastro Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No prob, there will be many people who cannot make it too my streams
KieDough Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I will some day!

This is the same response I have for going to bronycons :cries:
ShipIsLoveShipIsLife Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015  Student Filmographer
tldr; things are going great.
Shastro Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry about such a long description, I did have quite a few things to say
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