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The Grand Vizier, a character introduced in Karabear Comics Unlimited for the 2013 Halloween Cameo Caper. These colors are approximate (especially on the flower, whose color I completely forgot), but should overall look about right. This is for reference for the other Caper participants.

He's a reality warper and not in full control of his faculties. He has a tendency to talk in a sing-song-like voice when in his "nice" mode (saying things like "pipple-eople" instead of "people" sometimes, sometimes "you-a-too" instead of "you", and so on). In this mode he also tends to have wild eyes going off in different directions and a tendency to frown and smile at the same time (as seen above). Every once in a while, and in short bursts, usually, a darker personality will emerge, much more articulate and with none of the other's affectations, generally if his kinder persona has been pushed a little too far (though he reverts back to kindness right after an outburst of anger, hence me saying it's in short bursts). It's possible his "crazy" persona is an act and the darker persona comes out when his emotions break through the façade.
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He must be hell to draw, just remembering to keep all the parts totally at odds with the rest :-|