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No I don't give a damn

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 10, 2012, 11:33 PM
9/11.  Oh my fucking god how I do not care.  Yes it is a sad event but damn people really? Other countries have shit like this happen to them on a daily basis.  ( I really don't care much either.  Yes I should remind myself that my life could be worse, I get it but at the same time...just don't feel that bad about it).

  Not everyone who died was a good, holy honest person.  Hell I bet there were a couple pedophiles, someone who abused his/her spouse, extorted money from someone, beat their kids and anything else you can think of.  I am even willing to bet someone was happy someone they knew was killed in 9/11. We are all destined to die someday and it will be sad.  I just think that everyone going " oh my god 11 years has gone by since the towers fell and Americaaaaa".  Please.  
  I feel the same way when I hear about a tragedy including the Colorado shooting. Well let me rephrase that.  Why the hell did  parents think it was okay to take their fucking children to a midnight showing of a PG13 movie in the first fucking place?! I welcome an argument about that so go right ahead.  Yes everyone wanted to know how it ended, I want to know how it ends, but if I was a parent, I would just invest in a babysitter so I could have attended.  ( the shooter does deserve death...i mean it wasn't that fucking serious to go off and kill a bunch of people because he couldn't get blown and a real social life.)
  I know people will say i'm a bitch for thinking this but sorry, at this point, America is so lax on laws and we are getting so stupid that its sad.  I won't be holding a moment of silence for the people who died.  I don't care, the tragedy didn't affect me and the world still has to turn.  I'm sure this journal will anger some people and feel free to express it but America has it so fucking easy compared to other countries and honestly, the way we potray ourselves, I see why other countries hate us.

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artofjared Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Professional Artist
Lmao. I thoroughly enjoyed that rant. The only thing that dissappointed me was that it didn't piss off more people. lol Its good to hear that someone isn't afraid to keep it 100 and speak out against the mass majority, most mutha fuckas always try to act fake about certian issues. They just go along with the majority opinion of the dumbasses just so they can fit in or seem like a better person than they actually are.

Yeah, It is sad that people were killed in an act of war (or an act of Bush or illuminati or whoever) but its even sadder that many more people die on a daily basis because of other things our own government does to us on the regular, but becasue the media doesn't give a damn, neither does anyone else. Everybody suffers in their life time but we endure and move past them. we shouldn't have to relive them over and over again.

keep speakin your mind girl. Never let them silence your freedom of speech! (which we were born with, we didn't need some damn amendments to give it to us.)
Fight the Power!
Shasta-MD Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
Hahahahaahaha. Will do! I bet people read it and then went " that bitch! wtf she's no amuercan!" Oh well. lol.
GlauG Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012
:hugs: For comparison, I wouldn't have noticed that it was Crying Eagle Day today if you hadn't posted your journal :P
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