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33 - Prison Brawl

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By shases   |   Watch
Mature  |  Published: October 26, 2013
© 2013 - 2020 shases
Super late, overdue commission for :iconprodigal-gamer:


I had initially started painting this, but decided to switch to this type of shading after a while, I wasn't very pleased with how the painted version was turning out. But I may try to repaint it at a later time.

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BulldozerIvanHobbyist General Artist
How did I miss this one?

Camelorum Adventures

Katrina: "Can you believe it?  Xironooti has possessed Melinda!  He called my attack piece paintings on Xiboruty childish!  I WILL NOT be compared to Bob Ross again!!!  Get that weasel out of her head!!!"

Melinda (possessed by Xironooti): "I WILL HAVE YOUR SOUL, FOUL ARTIST!!!!"

Annie: "I bet the real Melinda is still in her cell!  Maybe I should rip the mask off?  If only Flooby-Don't were here to see this!"

Guard: "Everyone calm down!  We'll get the two Jens to find a way to break the psychic link!"

Patty Gumhair: "Yes!  The Jen in Black are coming back!"

Candace (gaping mouth, giggling): "Why do I have the sudden urge to smile like a hyena!?  I can't wipe this grin off, but I want to!  It's creepy, like the Agent Smith laugh, but I can't get rid of it!!!"

Emily: "My hair turned blue.  Guess that means Melinda is gonna turn into a giant monster.  *sigh*  Better get the Camelry together."

Carly: "Get Xironooti out of Melinda's head!  I HATE these annoying space aliens messing with my friends all the time!"

Guards: "You are a glitch in the universe!!!"

Carly: "I can still have friends, can I not???"

Rita Rigatoni (thinking to self, short hair, patiently observing): "Counting the minutes.  Do I launch the parade of rabid chimpanzees through here now, or wait until the guards are guard???  Why is all this scheming so hard?  Luin makes it sound easy!  Rubber bananas!!!"
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female prisoners must be always barefoot ! :-)
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ChalkArtist1216Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Where's Big Boo and Pornstache in all of this?   :)
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I'm hoping the two that were involved were thrown into solitary confinement
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Solitary is just so solitary. I think they need an extra work assignment... while shackled together. 
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Get out the fire hose! Ha ha!
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Great drawing.  The look of anger on the faces of the two combatants.  The crowd gathered round to watch it all.  The striped pants and solid shirts and all of them barefoot
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Thank you, I really wanted to capture the tension of the moment. (:
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Like this, but where are the three girls that are usually in your prison commish pics for prodigal?
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Heh, this particular piece doesn't focus on them |D Maybe they're in a different prison? Or somewhere else within the same facility?
RavenTwi's avatar
Heh, considering the identical institutional apparel, I'm guessing the second one probably.
prodigal-gamer's avatar
Not present... the focus here is the angry red-head.
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i levo prisoner forced to stay barefoot

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DmofoshoHobbyist Writer
Really nice piece - pulls you in and makes you wonder about who's who in the rogues gallery :)
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Really cute art! I love it that we can see all different chracters ..the prison nerd with her glasses,, the prison goth with her blue hair, the plesasantky plump enforcer and the woman with the red hair shouting looks like sge might be the queen bee.Great work!
shases's avatar
Thanks so much.  I really enjoyed working on this piece, especially in the drawing part, I had a lot of fun with trying to give all the characters different looks/personalities, so I'm glad that stands out.
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It really's a really cooland sexy  piece of art!
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thewardenmasterHobbyist General Artist

I love the dark haired inmate on the very left!

I'd really like to see more of her in other situations...


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Thanks, maybe I shall draw her again. (:
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thewardenmasterHobbyist General Artist

She will make a great spin-off character, can't wait!

Keep up the great work!


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She's really my favourite character of them all, too (and I mean of them all, all drawn pictures seen so far)!

Perhaps show her shackled and handcuffed behind the next time around, that would make my month...


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Well, there's a riot goin' on......down in cellblock #9! -Lieber-Stroller
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Omg the detail...omg the detaillllllll. You are just too crazy, putting all that detail in this image. Looks amazing though!
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I love going nuts with details  . w . Thanks so much!
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