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:iconsharrkiies:sharrkiies posted a status
vent ?? kinda ?? This isn't directed at anyone at all, I'm just,,angry with myself and upset 
I'm always so scared when making new friends,, do i pretend to he chill and calm ?? do i make jokes and be happy and excited like usual ?? I'm terrified i annoy people? i over think every single thing, "ok how should i reply to this,,they asked what's up, what do i say ? Just drawing ?? Listening to music?? That's boring though??" ugh, or I'll stupid think "dO i add an emoji or smiley face ?? Which one??".. I'm scared i annoy people 24/7, honestly i love talking to people but i don't want to be that annoying / clingy kid who will spam a person to start a conversation? and if someone doesn't reply for a while i get more anxious. I can barely go into shops anymore to just buy things because I'm so anxious, i can't stand up for myself anymore. It's even worse when i know someone's online and I'll sit there for hours just hoping their gonna reach out to me to just say hi, i check my social media every few seconds hoping to talk to someone. Yes, i talk to people and friends I've known for a while every day, but making new friends is such a struggle to me. Is drawing lots of gifts for people annoying to them ?? do they think I'm being a suck-up ?? Do they think I'm trying to get free art from them ?? i just like drawing gifts for people,, but the most simple and stupid things sends my anxiety crazy. How do i talk to people, how do i make friends, how do a keep a conversation going without being annoying ?? I'm so sick of being so pathetic over this,  
i just want to be able to know how to keep a conversation going without being annoying 

i hate it because i know I'm annoying

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suqarskvll Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
it's alright man. everyone feels this way at some point. there isn't really a way to 'fix' it other than just basically forcing yourself to do it. it gets easier and easier as you practice with it, think of it as drawing. if you want to improve on doing it, you gotta do it more and more. just stay positive and motivated about it and you should be alright! have hope, dood <3
VectorWuffy Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018
What are you saying man :/ all i see here is pure lies because i have been talking to you for the past months now and guess what, you're not annoying, i love talking to you, i always like to talk to you every day man ♥ you're not annoying, not a SINGLE BIT. You are a lovely friend that i dont regret meeting at all! ♥ And i hope that our friendship lasts more because i dont want to lose my friend :3
pinewoIf Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018
i love u ur not annoyijg and i always hope we talkmore ( sry we dont im busy and lazy n those combined make me dead )
Chandelost Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are such a lovely person from what I´ve seen/heart of you and I bet noone is annoyed by you. 
Its hard to convince yourself otherwise but people rarely notice when you, for example, use an emoji, they wont judge you for that! 

Same here, not as bad as you have it , obviously. I rarely to never talk to people because I know that they dont want to talk to me. 
Yalue Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i feel this on a personal level F2U Kaomoji | Lying Down _(:3J L)_ | iikao #1
much like you i've never been diagnosed with anxiety but as a psychology major i'm slowly becoming overly aware of these things
and i can definetly identify some symptoms (jumpiness and insomnia are definetly in my list as well, currently having a really hard time with the latter)
and i've definetly experienced this ;; i'm constantly afraid of interacting with people even over the internet because i just think i'll somehow end up bothering them
i have trouble keeping converstations going because eventually i'm not sure how to continue and i start overthinking every possible answer. + sometimes talking to a bunch of people can just be too overwhelming for me
i panic if i have to call someone, and i hate answering the phone as well and god i definetly avoid going out if i can, unless it's with my parents. until a while ago i could barely talk to any of my doctors so my mum alway had to come in with me :S

my point is?? i feel you so much?? kaomoji set 2 14/67 
honestly i'd love to talk more, you seem like a super rad person from the interactions we've had :heart:
and at the very least you wouldn't be the only one worrying about these things, so maybe it cancels out x'D?
sharrkiies Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018
I'm so sorry for the late reply!! ;; <33
I'd actually love to talk to you some more!! have you got discord aa? ;v;

and i agree alot with that ahh ;; especially with the whole phone and doctors situation,
the only place i can go by myself (ofc only if my mum is waiting for me outside) is the pet shop because i know the people there and the animals are calming aa! 
I'm always so upset and scared that i annoy my friends (or anyone), especially online aa, if someone replies late i tend to overthink alot and i have to try my best to tell myself that "not everyone can reply asap, they could be busy" eeek ;; especially the insomnia, like currently it's almost 1am ahah, though i tend to stay up much later than that some nights 
Yalue Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i must apologize as well! i'm still getting used to my class schedule after a long break, so i let my inbox get clogged and i'm only getting to most of my messages now |'D
and yup, i do have a discord! it's yalue#8542 :3

i never go anywhere but myself except for uni-related things, and ever then i usually ride with someone when we have to go somewhere outside of campus, wether it's one of my parents or classmates > ___> interacting with people i don't know irl tends to always put me on edge...
ugh, i feel that so bad ;; i'm constantly scared of annoying my friends to the point they might leave because i just can't function how a normal human being should :S
i've managed to get it a bit under control lately, but i still can't bring myself to actually sleep before 1-2am, which sucks when you have classes at 7am |'D it's so much easier to sleep in the afternoon, when i'm not supposed to lol
WinterCritter Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018
As someone with severe social anxiety, I totally thought I was reading my own thoughts with this. I don't have any answers sadly.. but I know people who genuinely want to be your friend/talk to you etc, won't judge you or think you're annoying. We are our own worst enemies. But I hear ya, making friends is hellish for anxious people. :c
sharrkiies Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018
I've never been tested for anxiety but I've even had all of my teachers suggesting it to me because lately it's been real difficult  ;; I'm jumpy and falling asleep is hard? I tend to overthink the simplest things ahh ;;

thank you though !! It's comforting to know I'm not the only one feeling like this ahh, ;; <33 
WinterCritter Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018
Everyone feels anxiety(to different extents of course), but when it interferes with your quality of life, then it becomes a disorder. So you'd need to see a psychiatrist/doctor to be sure. But, it sounds like this is troubling you a lot! I truly hope you find peace of mind soon. ;;
TekknicalArt Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I wouldn't be so hard on yourself. Personally, I feel that if someone doesn't want to / can't talk, they should make that clear. I'll understand, but don't drop vague hints because I'll either A: not take them or B: take offense to them. If someone hasn't said they want to end a convo or doesn't want to talk, don't feel bad for wanting to keep talking to them. Making new friends is obviously a tricky business, but that is always due to your own anxiety. And if people get annoyed by gifts that's just rude and they wouldn't be worth your time anyway.

Honesty and being yourself are always the best option

Always here to talk if you need it, trust me, your not the only one who has this kind of problem 🖖
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