does anyone have any tips for calming down / relaxing or to stop overthinking? tbh any ideas or help would be appreciated !!
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Published: October 13, 2017
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GummyGhosty|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I always find the best way to do that is to distract myself with something else! It can vary from person to person and it will vary with me sometimes as well. I don't find that something like drawing helps me because I'm still sitting there with my own thoughts while I draw.

I like to walk around listening to music and daydreaming about stuff or just getting invested in something on youtube or a show. Video games that are calm and slow paced help too!! Like Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon, it lets you sink off into a different place and let's your mind step away for a moment as well. If you have any friends to talk to, that's also a top notch way to distract yourself!! You can ask them about their day or talk about something you both enjoy until you find yourself lost in a conversation, this always 100% works for me, but it's also important to know what helps you and figure out some things on your own ass well. Everyone copes differently after all! 

I hope this helps!! I know how awful overthinking can be, it makes my stomach curl and it sucks more than anything tbh
Here' a hug and some random videos too! (.づσ▿σ)づ.……………
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Let's see now, These are most likely going to sound so you know, clique or plain. 

But taking a walk somewhere where there wont be too many people, somewhere you can just look at the scenery and enjoy the walk itself. 

As silly as it sounds, concentrate on your breathing and slowing your breathing, actually feel the breaths, breath in deep so you can feel it and so on.

Distractions, Such as fast paced games, movies or youtube videos that'll make you smile, laugh ( silly humour) or just interest you deeply.

Talk with a best friend about gibberish, grab someone you know that will just you know, you can just start up a conversation with and it'll get silly quickly. 

exercise in some way or form

OR do what I do and get completely lost on youtube in videos of animals.... mostly birbs 8'')

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HalowjiiEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
I usually walk it off as lazy as I am and it helps. While it takes some effort for me to get out and go it's really refreshing. No music, no drawing- I just stroll a couple blocks and come back. I end up noticing that I think clearer too. But mainly I do this if I feel like my bottled up emotions are becoming too much or that im stressing.

For overthinking I play videogames that rely more on instincts so that if I want to be decent it requires me to pay attention to what's going on in the game. Games such as first person shooters are great at this as there isn't much time one can spend conteplating their next move. (As it's overall kill or be killed.) Really, it's a distraction mainly however afterwards I can usually go back to what I was overthinking with a clear mind to try it again.

I'm not sure if this could help you but I thought I'd share my methods of coping!
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