Which former president do you want to see next?
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Theodore Roosevelt.

He should be in his volunteer Calvary uniform on a narwhal brandishing a saber and a colt revolver charging up San juan hill. Defeating the 3 headed dragon of injustice, corruption and ignorance.

Please create some art that will emphasize how much an American's vote matters and how many country's don't get the chance.

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On2XSecretProbationHobbyist Writer
Franklin Pearce the saddest president.
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The duel between Hamilton and Burr.
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YamaTheSpaceFishHobbyist General Artist
Donald Trump.
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The man they call... Milhouse. (Nixon)
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Eisenhower!  (Weilding a Gatling gun against mecha-Hitler.)
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j8325Hobbyist Digital Artist
George H. W. Bush, God rest his soul
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JFK in a superhero costume. Beating up Khrushchev.

Wilson throwing his straw hat like he's Kung Lao.

Never a President, but often tried: William Jennings Bryan vs. the G.O.L.D.E.D. Bonus points if he looks like Rambo. Keep the bald head.
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Nixon or fromer chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl (also known as "The Pear")
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can you do Jair Messias Bolsonaro? the new conservative president of Brazil after 14 years of PT
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YamaTheSpaceFishHobbyist General Artist
The only good Latin American president is Lenin Moreno.
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MarscalebHobbyist General Artist
WAIT! NO! Draw one of Jimmy Carter getting revenge on that rabbit that attacked him!
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MarscalebHobbyist General Artist
I'd like to see you draw one of Ford where he's falling down stairs.
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James Polk
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Theodore or Taft.
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Silent Cal
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TheProdigyManHobbyist General Artist
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TheProdigyManHobbyist General Artist
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Would you do foreign presidents?
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Millard Fillmore fighting ninjas and samurai to open Japan's borders.
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DTJBHobbyist Digital Artist
Harrison, couple of possibilities with that one.
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Grant or Eisenhower - they'd be a badass teamup with Washington!
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Bush 41 or Calvin Coolidge
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt driving his rocket assist armoured wheelchair firing 40mm cannon shells at German Panzer IIIs while Patton in his soup up M4A3 Sherman tank is half out of his tank turret's hatch firing two shoulder held bazookas at the Ratzis' position to support his commanding in Chief.
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